Terrible weigh in

Monday weigh in number one…… I’m all the way up to 250.1 lbs, and my waist is sitting happily at 36 inches. 😦 It’s ok. It will get better. It HAS to get better.

I started reading the PCOS Workbook, and tracking my food again. I’m writing it down on paper for the next few days so that my doctor can see what a typical food day looks like for me, as well as how many calories I burned, and what I did to burn them. If there is any question on whether or not I’m on track, this will show her how serious I am. Tomorrow I’m going to go pick up a copy of my blood work from the clinic, I’m kinda geeky like that.

Had a good conversation with the chiropractor. I was only at 1/4 inch difference in leg length when I went today, so hooray for that!

Celebrating small victories! This week is a busy one!


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