Ooooo, yoga!

Woke up feeling tired but chipper on Tuesday. 🙂 Wasn’t even sore from my ball game the previous night, and I ran two bases in a row, 3 times during the game!!!! That would NEVER have happened last year, so hooray for that!

Left my apartment, and it was drizzling. Then raining. Then pouring. So my plan for “terrible tennis” after yoga might be a no-go.

That was Tuesday. Today is Wednesday.

Went to yoga last night. WOWZA!! I burned 430 calories. It was intense. My shoulders are sore, and my groin is a bit tender, but a lot looser than they were on Monday night! Most intense yoga class I’ve ever been to. I’ll definitely be doing it again!

We have another ball game scheduled for tonight. Right now it sounds like it might get cancelled on account of low numbers, but we’ll see. It’s kinda crappy out right now, so I wouldn’t even really have a problem with that.

Wow, I’m really bad at finishing my posts right now. We “lost” our game last night. But I still think we won. They didn’t have a full team, you need 9 to play, 4 have to be female. They had 7 at 7:30. We waited until 7:50, and then started. We lent them two players for the first two innings. Then their 2 extra players showed up, both guys. They had 3 females. so still technically did not have a team. They beat us by 6, then posted it as a win….. we were all under the impression we were just playing for the practice, since they didn’t have a team to play with at all. OH BOY was I PISSED last night.

This morning was another rainy day. I felt pretty ho-hum…. until I got a phone call for an interview on Monday!!!! Whew.

Soooooooo now I’m walking on a cloud. NOTHING will bring me down! Spin class tonight is going to be epic, and so refreshing 😀


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