Weekend of rest

Well that was a nice weekend. Friday Mike went to help a friend build a deck, I watched a couple ball games. Saturday, deck got finished, we had dinner at the lake, and then a couple of my girlfriends abducted me! Went to a party, then dancing at the bar. Wahoo! Did not feel so hot this morning. I slept until noon, went for brunch, then came home to lick my wounds while Michael took his boat out for a test drive. Took yesterday and today off as rest days. My knees have been hurting, probably from all the running I’ve been doing in ball. I’ve got a nice red sun tan, and new red hair to match!


Can’t see the colour all that well in this picture, but it’s red!

This week is another busy one. I must remember to do a June progress report/pictures. I’ll do that Wednesday morning. Here’s the plan for the week:

Monday – work until noon, then leave as quick as possible for my job interview in The Pas. Hour and a half drive there, 20 minutes of talking, some grocery shopping. I should be home by 4pm. Might go to the gym, it’s been a week since I picked heavy things up, then put them down again. 7pm we have a ball game.

Tuesday –  work. Yoga at 7!

Wednesday – Dr’s appointment in the morning, so I should be able to make it to the gym first thing! Then Dr appointment at 11:30, work in the afternoon. No ball on Wednesday, so I’m open for some gym time here!

Thursday – I normally have spin class on Thursday, but I have a meeting this week. So no spin for me 😦

Friday – ball game in the evening!

Mike has his fishing trip this weekend. I’m going to have to keep myself busy. Probably lots of walking around the lake, and hopefully some good gym time. Maybe I’ll go to the drive in with myself. Saturday there’s a free yoga class, so that’s a bonus! He’ll be home late-ish Sunday afternoon /evening. All smelly and sweaty haha. Mmmmm, Bush man.

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