Celebrations are in order!

Well this has been a lazy week for me. Had a ball game on Monday….. and that’s all I’ve done so far (unless you count “intimate” cardio…. lmao) . . .Sorry Sara if you’re reading this……..

Wednesday morning they called me and offered me the job!!!!!!! Wednesday evening I spent my time marking. I did my weigh in/monthly progress report. I’ll post that at the bottom of this. It wasn’t exciting, but wasn’t disappointing like I thought it would be. Long story short, I’ve lost 7 pounds (HAPPY DANCE) but not a single inch. haha. Buuuut I feel like my gut might be getting smaller again. You can judge for yourself. I’ll post the photo comparing last month to this month.

Thursday I worked all day. Was supposed to have a meeting in the evening. I even switched spin classes with someone to accommodate it. My meeting got cancelled…. so I did some more marking. Phew. Are you noticing a pattern here?

Friday…. oh hey! That’s today! Michael leaves on his guys fishing trip today. Sucks to be him, it’s snowing!! Hahahahah. I’m going to go home after work, have a nice dinner. Go to spin class at 6, and we’re supposed to have a ball game this evening. I REALLY hope this gets cancelled. I do NOT want to play ball in the snow/wet/cold. 😦

Spin class was good. 652 calories burned. 😀 I only have 3 hours, and 1600 calories to go. I’m dog sitting (last minute arrangement) this weekend, so I’ll be able to get a nice long walk in. Apparently she doesn’t walk very well, so maybe I’ll get some weight in there too muahahaha.

Anywho, I’m going to have a glass of wine, and a shower. I’m sure I’ll post some puppy pictures this weekend. 😀 Oh. and here is my progress update. I can see a couple differences between last month and this month…. but not really:


June 4, 2014

Weight: 243.7 (-1.8) FINALLY!!! DOWNWARD MOTION!      Body Fat: 40.6% (-0.3 )

Waist: 36.5    Chest: 40 (+1)   Hips: 50 (-1)

Thighs: R: 30   L: 30.5      Biceps: R: 14 (-0.5)  L: 14      Wrists: R: 6.5   L: 6.5

Ankles:  R: 9.0 (-0.5)   L: 9.0 (-0.5)         Neck: 15 (+0.5)





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