Motivational stickers

It’s June 10th. My calendar only has a few stickers on it for June so far 😦 I decided last night that I was going to the gym, no matter what. I’d had a REALLY EXTRA SHITACULAR day at work, and I needed to pick up something heavy and put it back down until my heart rate was soaring, and there was sweat dripping down my neck. Came home from work, went to my bank appointment (I might be able to afford a car!), ate supper, changed into workout gear, dropped off money for the Slo-Pitch tournament next weekend, went to my Trout Festival meeting (during which I drank some pre-workout) then went to the gym…… They were fricken’ closed!!!!! Apparently the custodians for the Community Hall belong to the same union as HudBay….. I even had my heart rate monitor on and ready to go *sigh*. Hopefully I’ll have time today.

I’ve turned our “fun and free” poetry unit into something else. . . . independent work. Some of the students are so rude, and spend so much time back talking, that I can’t get through an explanation. So they’ll do it independently from now until next week when we start exam review. Sucks to be them. But I need to for my sanity. The handful of good kids. . . . well I feel sorry for them. They’re polite, and hard-working, and respectful, but they get lumped in with these turds. So now it will be warm up poems, followed by quiet working time. I hate it, but whatever. I can’t care any more. I come home stressed and often end up taking it out on Michael, just because he’s there. I SO cannot wait to go back to teaching music!!!! Even crappy days teaching Music, pale in comparison to the garbage I deal with teaching rude, over privileged high school students.

On a better note, I found a gym in The Pas! I need to go there and make sure they have what I need, but it sounds alright from the description, and it’s affordable. Hooray! Since I won’t have a boyfriend to laze around with, and I won’t have to co-ordinate anyone’s schedule but mine, I should be able to get in lots of gym time 😀 On an even better note, one of my students (not from my jerk kids class) who was majorly behind, got a massive extension from me to catch up on all her work. Her Mom baked me cookies! They’re regular, gluten-filled cookies, so I can’t actually eat any of them, but I’m sure Michael will love them. Plus they smell really great.

Plan for today: Get through the day. Pick up my car at the dealership/sign paperwork/give them money for my dented panel. GYM TIME. Shower quickly, and head to my Kinette meeting. Last one of the year *sad face*. Just keep swimming. Think about lifting those weights!!!!

Tomorrow I’m going to do my weekly weigh in. Fingers crossed for positive motion there. I’ve been pretty on point eating…. with the exception of weekends. They kill me. I need to do better on Saturday and Sunday.


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