Trying so hard!!!

So Tuesday didn’t go exactly as planned 😦 My “pick car up from dealership”  turned into pick up car, talk about damage to fender panel (i kissed a pole two winters ago), and then make me feel guilty about said panel by repeatedly telling me “it’s not good”. I KNOW. And he kept saying “You know you’re going to have to pay for the damages right?”, as though I was some kind of simpleton who thought I could back into a white pole in winter, then get away with it….. well I’m not. UGH. Needless to say, my mood has not been very good at all this week. On top of that, my Wednesday weigh-in was not good. 247.3 so back up. That 243 was like a dream come true. My waist went down half an inch, so it’s back to 36. I just want this process to expedite itself. 😦 On top of that, two of my three classes are just being terrible people. Back talking, snap chatting, and general rude behaviour. I have told admin about this kind of behaviour before, but nothing happened/changed, so I just let it go. I no longer take it personally, they’re just ass hats, and there’s nothing I can say or do about it to change it. Two more weeks, and I’ll never teach them again 😀

Yesterday I had a staff meeting after work. Sometimes they’re 5 minutes. This one was over an hour. I got home at 4:45, and Mike told me we were going to his parents for dinner. Dinner was at 6. My original plan for the evening was to be in the gym by 4:30, come home, eat, then call people about performing on Main Street during Trout Festival. That plan turned into home just before 5, call people for Trout Festival for an hour, head to Mike’s parents’, home around 9:30ish. We went through Michael’s old year book while we were there. Cute haha. Some of his friends were pretty dorky looking in high school.

Tonight I have spin class, and a ball game at the same time. I will spin, then head over to ball. Maybe play the last half of the game….. we’ll see how my legs feel. This weekend there’s a slo-pitch tournament. We’re guaranteed 4 games between Friday and Saturday. I have a massage on Saturday morning that might eat into one of my games, but hopefully not. I need to burn those calories!!! Saturday evening is my girlfriend’s stagette. I might be in sorry shape for any Sunday games we might have, but hopefully I’ll be inclined to dance, and there will at least be some more calorie burnage.

One more week of classes, then it’s exams. My exams are on the first two days, so I have plenty of time to mark them and get my report cards done. Actually, I could start doing comments already, but I have a stack of marking to get done as well. I might do report card comments while they write exams. I have 3 exams to supervise that aren’t mine. So I will essentially have an entire week of class-less days to mark work, mark exams, enter grades into the computer and write report cards. . . . then I’m DONE!!!!! No more high school attitude, no more grading papers for hours at home, no more snotty teenagers! AND —– I’ll have time to go to the gym after work, because I won’t have to do any marking at home! Thank god. I miss lifting so much. Then there’s Trout Festival… and then I have 2 weeks without any shifts at the hospital, so gym time during the day. And hopefully some running. I haven’t run for a few weeks. I only finished the first week of the couch to 5k program… and I don’t have enough time to complete the rest of it before my 5k, so I’m just gonna have to buckle down and do it!

Two weeks from today, I’m going to see my new school and meet with the current music teacher! I’m soooooo excited, though you can’t tell from my current posts, since they’ve been so depressing lately…. sorry about that. It will get better. I just have to survive the next little bit of time.



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