I did it!!

I did it! I finally got to the gym and got in a gooooooood lifting session 😀 And I have the sore muscles to prove it. Funnily enough, my super sore knees that have been bothering me for a few weeks now, started to feel better after doing some squats. Whew. I really had good intentions to do a walk at an incline after my workout, but …. there’s only one treadmill in my gym now?????!!! and there was a guy on it.

Victory number two: I was snacking in the evening…. and I stopped! Instead of mindlessly eating until it was gone, I had some yogurt,  a little bit of chocolate, and some nuts. Almond number 6 was enough for me. YAY!

After work today I have a sugaring appointment. And my dresses for the wedding came in today! Now all I need is some good pantyhose and I’m ready to party! I have the song I’m singing at her wedding is learnt (for the most part). Today would be so amazing… if it weren’t for my students who are progressively becoming less well behaved as the week goes on. That’s ok. I have all of my exams printed, assembled and stapled. My answer keys are ready to go. I have a bit of marking left to go, then exam marking and report card comments and then I’m done!!!!! I picked up 72 hours between July 6 and 12 at the hospital, so financially I’m going to be ok. I have been pinteresting all kinds of ideas for my music room!!!! pS. The dress is suuuuuuuuper cleavage-ey. Guess I’m going to be “that girl”.

Well now it’s Friday. This turned into an “all weeker” of a post. :p Did not get to the gym yesterday, too much stuff to do. But today I realized my next workout is my LAST level 4 Dumbbell Division workout, and that’s a super short one. So I packed my gym clothes. I can either work out after school, ooooooor during my uber long prep! Yeah, that sounds perfect. I will go home and have a snack, and pack a lunch, then come back and lift some weights! That ought to relieve any frustrations I may have 🙂 I don’t know if the weights they have here are heavy enough, and I’ll be forced to front squat using a Smith Machine (never done that before) but it will be glorious.

After work, I will go home, cook dinner for me and my honey, then I have a wedding rehearsal at 6! Because I’m singing my friend down the aisle. 😀 Eeeeee. So happy/excited/honoured that she asked me! 7pm, some of my ball team is getting together for some wine, we have a late game at 9:00, unless it gets cancelled due to rain (it’s raining right now – and we’ve been cancelling for the littlest bit of wetness. We might be made of sugar)

Tomorrow is the wedding. Probably no workout. That’s ok. I have time between the wedding and the social…. but I don’t want to have to re-do my hair and make-up. I’ll try to workout on Sunday. I think the gym is open. Or maybe I’ll go for a run…. I haven’t done that since May and I do have that 5k coming up. Jeeeeeebus I need to get on that!!



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