Wednesday – 2 more wake ups!

Today has been a great day! I proctored a grade 9 Math exam, got ALL my marking done, and finished report cards!!!! All before lunch. Went home, had some leftover stir fry, came back, talked to a student about their exam, and went for a run šŸ™‚ Week 2, day 1 of the Couch to 5K program. Funny thing, I haven’t run for 3 …. or 4 weeks. When I did week 1 I was huffing and puffing the whole time, though it could be because I ran on a treadmill today. After school I will head to the gym to do circuit 2 and 3 of the Dumbbell Division 5A workout (pushup/dip/jumping squat, and side/front/side plank circuit). I only did the main strength component last night because we had a ball game, and I figured if I did the pushups and dips I wouldn’t be able to catch, or throw, or swing a bat.

Food wise, I’ve been doing alright. Probably not eating enough, but I can’t count anymore, I started getting all “500-800 calories is safe”….. it’s a slippery slope. We’ve been eating out more than I’d like, but I’ve been having salads and chicken and steamed veggies, so it could be much worse. No idea what I’m making for dinner tonight. A) there are no groceries in our house B) I don’t get paid until Thursday, and I am fricken broke as hell and C) I’m going to The Pas on Thursday. There is an Extra Foods in The Pas, and groceries are significantly cheaper there than the local Co-Op. Maybe I’ll grab a gluten free pizza and a salad kit on my way home from the gym. Mike has a frozen pizza in the freezer already

That was yesterday. Yeesh. I’m so bad for saving the draft then ignoring it. Pizza was delicious last night. Now I have to think of something creative for tonight’s dinner with minimal ingredients. I ended up going to the gym after work and doing the pushup/dip/jumping squat circuit. I didn’t do the planks though. šŸ˜¦ I hate side planks. I’m heavy, and my arms are not used to holding up so much weight. Ok. I’m done whining about it.

Plan for today? Well. I don’t really have one. Mike is working until 6 instead of 3:45, so I have extra time to think about dinner. That being said, I am really not sure what is going to materialize. I’m thinking some kind of layered dish with brussel sprouts, ground pork, cherry tomatoes, corn (or whatever else is in the freezer) and pizza sauce…….. Go me!

I have been sleeping really poorly lately. I’m not sure why. I just couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me last night. I took 2 melatonin’s and still nope. Just drifted in and out.

Didn’t weigh myself this week, but my waist is holding fast at 36 inches. Hopefully with the resurgance of weight lifting, that’ll tighten up. That and I need to focus on drinking enough water on a daily basis….

Tomorrow I’m going to The Pas to meet with the current Music teacher at my new school. šŸ˜€ I will pack myself a big ol’ jug of water. (Then stop 17 times on the way to pee) Tomorrow is also payday!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand grocery day. I love buying groceries on payday. Sometimes I spend a little more, or get a couple luxury items. Maybe some nice cheese mmmmmmm. Or exotic fruits. Mmmmmmm fooooooood.


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