Falling off the bandwagon… then jumping back on

I promise, I haven’t ceased to exist, or forgotten about my blog. I’ve simply been eating crappy, and not getting enough exercise, and so I’ve been avoiding this place out of a feeling of guilt, and the excitement of summer. Really, I should have used my blog as a place to talk about it, and vent, and help myself, but we all know that’s not always how it goes.

But here I am. I have no idea what I weigh, or what the circumference of my waist is, but I know that my jeans are a little tighter than I’d like them to be. Honestly, I’m surprised they do up, I have been very concious with my eating, and trying not to over eat, but I seem to continue to puff up like a balloon.

It’s ok though. It’s all going to be ok. . . .  Had my second appointment with my gynecologist. It was terrible/terrifying. First of all, the lab here messed up, and completely neglected to either draw, or send away an entire panel of blood work. It was the stuff that would tell us if I had PCOS or not. Secondly, she tried to do an endometrial biopsy, with no painkillers or numbing medication. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced, and she didn’t get the sample she wanted. She said she felt bad that I was in so much “discomfort” (when you scream out “FUCK” involuntarily, it’ pain lady, not discomfort), but she didn’t look sorry at all. Pretty sure I went into shock after. I couldn’t stop shaking, and crying, and I still had to drive an hour and a half back home. Not a fun experience. Had I known, I would have brought a friend.

So basically, We still don’t know what is going on with my lady bits, or why I can’t seem to lose weight. I skipped my July weigh in, because I was afraid of the results….. oi vey.

Time to “buck up” and get on it. Take control, or try to anyway. New plan. Because I always have a plan. Plans make me feel safe and in control. I’m going to start a 2 week cleanse on Tuesday. And I’m going to try the keto diet. I had some success on the Ideal Protein diet, which was the same idea, but super processed/packaged food, which cost me $190 for two weeks, and I still needed to buy meat and veggies. Hopefully this will work. A girlfriend of mine has been eating Keto for a few weeks, and she’s lost a bunch of weight, and slimmed down incredibly. I got a 30 day meal plan online, and will go shopping for it when I get up from my night shift sleep. (15 minutes to go now!) (Done!) I’m not going to weigh myself at the start point (I probably will anyway, because I’m all OCD like that). . . (i totally did weigh myself this when I woke up), but I will for sure take a picture and measure my waist. (did that too) Going to try a cleanse again. That worked rather well in January.

The damage: My waist is allll the way up to 36.5 inches. And I’m currently 255 pounds. FUCK


Other news? Ummmmm. I got a car! A 2006 Torrent with only 93,000 kms on it! And we bought a new mattress set…. and we’ve started house shopping! And I’m picking up all kinds of night shifts at the hospital. I’m the only casual who likes them. The only other casual we have right now hates them. But I’ll take the breaks paid at overtime, responsibility pay, and night shift premium, thank you very much.

Went and looked at two houses today when Michael got home from work. One was a WOW! The other not so much. That brings our house viewing total to 4 right now. The super awesome home won’t be around long, it’s at the very limit of our budget. . . but should be listed for so much more than it is. The garage itself is probably worth 80. Crazy. I’d be on it like a dirty shirt, but I’m not the one buying a house. I’m contributing, but I don’t want to put my name on the mortgage because we’re not married. I’m old fashioned like that.  Two more houses to look at this week. Whew. Realistically, I will live anywhere with my love. Mushy, I know. But totally true.

After this night shift is over, in 8 hours, I will go home, and sleep. When I wake up, I will have my cleansing tea, and make some keto-friendly foods. Going to prep a few meals, since I have a few things going on this week. Whew. Hopefully, after two weeks of cleansing on a keto diet, I’ll be able to see some progress from the pictures I took this morning.

So there you have it. All caught up. With a plan. I’m going to take control of this aspect, then fit in lifting again. Sustainable, baby steps!


3 thoughts on “Falling off the bandwagon… then jumping back on

  1. I don’t know if you have a Tumblr, but even if you’re not interested in posting, check out Rae at lovehealthlift. She has tons of keto recipes and has had really good results with the lifestyle.

  2. You can also end up down an endless bunny trail of ketoers by checking who she reblogs from and talks to 🙂

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