Keto diet – let’s do this!

Today is day 5 of the Keto diet for me. So far so good. I’ve lost some weight already, but I know most of it is water weight/glycogen stores in my body. The real kicker will be my weigh in on Tuesday. I’m doing a tea detox at the same time, with modified rules. Like…. no red meat? Ummmmmm that doesn’t fit my Keto meals. The food is definitely less plain than on the Paleo diet because sucralose is allowed, as well as store bought dressing and peanuts/peanut butter.

So far so good. I don’t feel like I lack energy, and I’m not at all hungry. On the contrary, I made myself eat lunch today. And then, I only did because we’re going to the lake for supper in celebration of Mike’s Dad’s birthday (read – future father-in-law. . . not yet, but it’s gonna hapen), and there might not be much I can have out there. I’m starting to recognize the feeling of thirst, and the difference between that and hunger.

Speaking of fathers-in-law,Michael totally brought up rings on his own just before we went to Saskatoon to buy me a car. Buuuuuuut then he paid for a year of extended warranty on his credit card, and I paid for a new mattress set on mine. So now that won’t happen for a while. But he’s thinking about it, so YAY! It probably depends on how soon we get into a house/mortgage, although, on a $100,000 house, the mortgage payment would be significantly less than our current rent, with hydro (depending on where we live) it might come out to the same.  We’re going to see two more houses on Sunday. I’m hoping Mike will see something he can visualize himself living in. Not that I don’t like looking at houses, but I’d like to live in one now haha. I want to have people over! And have room for more than a few people. And BBQ, and have the boat at our house so we can just jump in and go when we want to. And the snowmobile. I have dreams of getting a second one, so we could go out together, since his is older and can’t really accommodate two people. In reality, we will be house poor for a while after we get into one, and that’s ok too. Michael will learn how to save money, I’ll show him the way.

In body image news, I’ve been trying to come to terms with my body, because let’s face it, if I hate it, and belittle myself, and portray negativity, there’s no way there will ever be change.  Every morning and evening, I spend at least 30 seconds looking at myself in the mirror, and I tell myself I am beautiful. And ya know what? It’s working 🙂 Just before we went to Saskatoon, I radiated positive energy, and Michael was extra affectionate, and I felt great. Then we went to Saskatoon, and that was great too, but I got my period right when we got back. And now I’m still bleeding. . . like 8 days later. It’s hard to love myself right now, but I’m trying. Baby steps right? Right! I changed my profile picture to something that makes me feel pretty, instead of goofy. We should  embrace our bodies ladies. We only get one.


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