Week one of my Keto diet

This is the end of the first week. And it’s great. Sometimes I’m hungry in the morning. Sometimes I’m not. I made some ice cream last night, from real cream. It was the BOMB DIGGITY! Even though it didn’t freeze properly (we didn’t have enough ice in the freezer to do the old shake in a bag of ice and salt trick). Poured the rest into popsicle moulds to consume when the need for a sweet treat hits me. I’ve been crushing ice and squirting some mio over it. It’s like a snow cone, but no calories!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand drum roll!

Week one results: Weight lost – 6.8 pounds     Inches lost (waist) – 1 inch!



It’s not a humongous change for most people, but for me, this is EPIC. I feel like I’ve FINALLY found the magic key. I know I said that about paleo as well, but let’s face it, the results were nothing like this. Tonight I’m going to yoga, I’m pretty pumped for that! After work, we’re going to the bank. So many exciting things in one day 🙂

Today is my last day shift for this rotation, then I’m on to four consecutive nights. I’m not sure how that’s going to go. I’ll probably spend a good deal of time creating things for my classroom, like posters and some lesson plans, and possibly a sub binder. Might as well get September mostly out of the way.


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