Night shift number 2 of 4

Sooooo tired. It’s that 5:20am hump. Gets me every time. But at least there has been a little bit of work to do, so I haven’t been baby necking. I’m going to sleep much later than 11:30 when I get home I think.

Keto overnight is going well so far. I bring a meal for the middle of my shift, and I’m not hungry after that!

Yesterday was a productive day even though I spent a lot of it sleeping. Got up at 11:30, had some bulletproof coffee (mmmmmmmmm), picked up the coconut oil my friend brought me back from Costco, and a letter from the chiropractor. Hoping that all works out. I paid $400 for custom orthotics because I had benefits at the time and could get reimbursement for them. But then I only got paid at the end of every month, and payday was the last day of school, and the chiropractors office was only open until 10am. So I ended up picking them up on July 2nd, after the long weekend, and then my claim was declined. I was going to just leave it be…. but $400 is quite a bit of money, and I was banking on having that, since I don’t make very much at the hospital.  The guy on the phone said that if I sent a letter requesting reassessment I might still be able to get reimbursed. That would be awesome. My contract also starts on August 8th. Not sure when I’ll start actually getting paid, I don’t have to be there until the 25th. The girl who was there before me said she started getting paid in the summer already, so maybe I’ll double up next payday and get paid from the hospital AND the school! Wishful thinking that might be.

Alright. 6:40. Just under an hour and I’ll be kissing my sweety “goodnight” as he heads off to work. *sigh* I’m super bloaty, and I’m pretty sure it’s from lack of sleep. I’m so bloated that I look like I’m 4 months pregnant. Which isn’t possible, though I have been bleeding now for 14 days straight, so maybe that’s all working itself out. *fingers crossed*

Yesterday, we went to the lawyer’s office and did up the offer to purchase! The seller has to sign it today, and then we need to fork over $1,000 to get a copy of the Offer to Purchase form to give to the bank so they can complete our mortgage application. I need to go to The Pas and get a copy of the pay scale, and hopefully sign my contract, though my Child Abuse Registry Check is taking an obscenely long time to make it back to me. The lady on the phone said it’s a 6-8 week wait right now. That would bring me either right to the week before I start teaching, or once I’m already teaching. I’ll have to email them a copy of my criminal record check and teaching certificate and hope that they will let me sign my contract without it.

Wow. My tired mind is just bouncing all over the place. Time to start pacing I think, my eyes are going cross eyed staring at the screen! zzz zzZ ZZZZ


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