Night shift number 3 of 4

I’m getting in to a groove now. It’s 11pm and I’m tired, but I’m doing a bunch of planning for next year, so I’m busy. It’s not so bad. I’ve literally got a good 10 hours of planning time between tonight and tomorrow’s night shift. 

House stuff: Dropped off the Offer to purchase at the bank, and $1,000 with the lawyer. Mortgage application will get started on Tuesday. I know we’ll probably be approved, and the mortgage woman said we should be fine, but I’m nervous. It would suck to have come this far, only to be right back where we started, but with $1,000 less to show for it. 

5:44am. I have Grade 1 planned (other than actually picking songs/games to teach the concepts) but the concepts are mapped out by month. I am currently meal planning for the week ahead. Michael will shop while I’m sleeping, then I’ll get up and make something fantastic (I’m sure!)

6:26. Oh no! I’m loosing my tired. . . It’s ok. It’s a Saturday. So I’ll get to cuddle when I come home. That always helps. 

7:07. Soooooo close

7:15. Time to log out and be ready for my cross shift. 🙂

Good morning….. and good night lol


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