Keto Diet – Week 2

The results are in for  Week 2.

Week two results: Weight lost – 1.7 pounds     Inches lost (waist) – up half an inch. Curious?

I had an italian soda this afternoon, sugar free, but it bumped me way down on the ketosis scale. Fake sweeteners can do that, and I’ve been consuming Crystal Light, and Mio like it’s free. Time to return to water, with lemon or cucumber if I really feel like it’s lacking.

Whatever. I feel great! I didn’t get the dreaded “keto flu” that a lot of people get. I got up this morning and was pleased with my appearance. I like that there are FINALLY changes happening.

Went to the doctor today, got a new referral to a new gynecologist. Hopefully one that cares a little more than my current one. Her report back to my “family doctor” (whom I’ve only met twice, and really knows nothing about me) said that she will attempt a second endometrial biopsy under sedation. Ummmmmm would have been nice for you to tell me? She told me she was going to attempt a D&C next. I’m not completely sure why any of these things even needs to be done considering we haven’t ever actually gotten the blood work back for the markers for PCOS. I’m thinking I’m going to cancel my appointment in The Pas for the second week of school, and just wait until someone else will see me. Or maybe I should go, review my test results, and maybe get some birth control? I haven’t decided yet. I have some time.

House stuff: I called the bank this afternoon. . . . We should know by tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest (she’s away on Monday) OH MY GOD. WE MIGHT REALLY HAVE A HOUSE!!!!!!!!! If we get it, I’ll post a picture on here. I can’t wait to not be in my apartment anymore. The mold situation is really aggrivating our respiratory systems, especially in the heat, when we have the windows closed so we can use the A/C (which doesn’t really work anyway). Things like leaky taps in the laundry room would just get fixed, instead of us having to miss two laundry days (so far, and he’s not in town to fix them). Or the tops of our taps in the bathroom, which, if you’re not careful, cut you because the button popped off, and the flaking metal underneath is sharp. Or our large living room window, which has had a biiiiiiig long crack in it for almost two years, and has now started to shift, so it’s falling inward. Only a couple centimeters  so far, but still worrying. The list of disgusting things about our apartment is surprisingly long. None of them are critical (other than the mold I found when some of the plaster fell off my wall last summer. Don’t worry, I patched it up with duct tape – oh and the lack of heat in the winter . . . seriously) We’re both pretty excited that this could happen for us, and so soon! We’re looking at a possession date of September 4th. Holy crap! We need to start packing lol.

My summer job is slowing down (thank goodness). I’m on nights tonight and tomorrow. Next week I work Monday in the clinic, then Days in switchboard Wednesday and Thursday, and then Friday and Saturday nights. Take that, weekend. Nobody liked you anyway 😦 *pouts a little* Can’t wait to get back to having weekends to myself. Things will be easier next summer. My contract goes from August to August, so I should be getting paid for part of the summer (yay!) I’ll probably still work a lot . . . but I won’t have to take ALL of the shifts lol.

Alright. I’ve avoided my midnight paperwork for an hour now. Time to do some work!


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