Two steps forward, one step back

The title of this blog entry does not pertain to my weight. Thank goodness. I’m talking house stuff. Gosh darn it, I feel like this is overly complicated to deter people from completing the process!!!! So it’s now been a week and a half since we first went to the credit union to get our application started. Tuesday,  I brought all of my stuff in, and she assured me she didn’t need any more information. Thursday, we went to the lawyer, then brought all of the paperwork from that appointment back to the bank on Friday. She tells Mike that she will start our application on Tuesday, we should hear from her a couple days later. So Thursday, we’re expecting a phone call. . . . by lunch, nothing, so I go in. She’s at lunch so I leave a message asking for an update on our application. She calls back, says she was unexpectedly away on Tuesday, so she’s running behind. She will be finishing it up on Friday morning, we should know by Friday afternoon, or Tuesday at the latest, as she will be off on Monday. This afternoon, I get a phone call, and I’m all nervous, like OMG WHAT IF THEY THINK WE’RE TOO HIGH OF A RISK TO INVEST IN????!!! We’ve got our hearts set on this house. I have 3 pinterest boards already!!! It really is perfect for us. No yard really, buuuuut when there are kids, they can go across the street to the park and the spray pad. There are three bedrooms. Perfect for 2 children down the road somewhere. *sigh* Oops, tangent. Anyway, she calls this afternoon, and says she needs something signed from the hospital saying that I’m a casual employee because it doesn’t state that on my paystub. WTF? I’ve never seen a pay stub that stated the classification of your job; short term contract, permanent contract, casual employee. These things are not labelled there ever. Yeesh. I ask her if she needs me to go to The Pas and get my contract signed to bring in? She says no. But now I feel like I’m going to get a phone call on Tuesday asking for it…… uuuuugh. So annoying. It would suck to have to go to the Pas to sign a piece of paper (which I’m not even sure is drawn up) considering I’m about to be there every day. But I’m not giving up that easily.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!


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