Keto diet – Week 3

Week three results: Weight lost – 1.3 pounds     Inches lost (waist) – one half inch    Body fat %:  – .3%

So down everywhere! Only a little over 1 pound this week, but hey! A loss is still a loss!! And my waist shrunk, and my body fat percentage went down some 😀 At the very end of this journey, I would like to be between 17 and 20% body fat. 17 would be abs poppin out, and 20 is just lean. In two weeks I’ll do a big monthly update for my progress page as well. Yay! I’m actually excited about it!

Was hoping to hear about house stuff today. . . . she called at 4:30, and again at 4:45, and again at 5:00. Guess what she said?  Basically she didn’t ever confirm my income for next year, so she wanted to take me off the mortgage application. Which would mean we have to go back to the lawyer and change the paperwork, which will cost us more legal fees. She didn’t even bother to try, so she was just going to take it off. Now she wants to submit my income without any of my hospital income for 2013 (which was $16,000) because I’m a casual. By that same token, none of my substitute teaching money should count either, since that’s also a casual position. Such a gong show – it’s a miracle that I’m losing weight through all of this stress!!!!! I emailed the branch manager a detailed list of our interactions with this particular employee, in hopes he can assist us.


Fingers, and toes, and eyeballs crossed!@!@!!#


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