Et voila!

So everything is falling together. We just need to go and negotiate the terms for our mortgage… and I need to call my dad. I’ve been avoiding this, because he doesn’t really want me to buy a house here. He really wanted me to move back down south and buy a house there. *sigh* so there will be more of a guilt trip than a celebration and those aren’t my favourite things. But it’s ok. I’m happy here, and I have really great friends, and Michael’s family is pretty great too 🙂

Here is the only picture I have of our house. If we were smart people, we would have gone to see it a second time, but it was the first we both loved, so that was it. It no longer looks like this picture from Google Maps. The landscaping has fallen by the wayside,and that little deck that comes out at the front is no longer there, but it’s ours! 3 weeks to go, let the countdown begin 🙂

2014-07-31 22.53.59


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