Keto diet – Week 4

Week four results: Weight lost – 2.8 pounds     Inches lost (waist) – none, but my poochie belly is shrinking!    Body fat %:  – 1%

Whew! Yay! Michael is starting to notice too  🙂 Today I wore a t-shirt that I’ve NEVER worn with out a sweater over top. Thank goodness because it was 27 degrees all day. Now it’s 29 and I’m cooking…. house and BBQ cannot come soon enough.

Today has been a good day. Didn’t get any packing done, but our new bed came! And I met Michael’s ex/high school sweet heart/9 year girlfriend . . . there was a woman on the sidewalk talking to a toddler in a doorway, and she was all “Hey! How are you?” and so we stopped to talk, and as we were talking I was all …. omg this is his ex. It’s ok. I wasn’t intimidated. My boobs are way bigger. And he told her we were buying a house, though he didn’t introduce me, so clearly no issues there, it’s just always a bit of a jolt to meet a long ago ex, especially when she was the last before you. Like I’ve had 3 or 4 in the time he’s had 1. He’s weird like that. But seriously. If they’d hugged…. I might have punched her in front of her incredibly adorable child. But I was pleasant and delightful, and not at all crazy. Successful weigh in’s tend to give me this boost of confidence, so Tuesdays have been really good days for me. So good in fact, that I haven’t even been tempted to weigh myself in between. 😀

Went and priced out some insurance.  Did some back to school planning. Priced out some resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, since there aren’t any at my school.  Probably going to drop a good $30 $50  $70 this week, maybe some more after I’ve been to my school again. Actually I’ll probably wait until I know my budget so the school can pay for it.

I almost have ideas for the first week of school . . .  It’s coming though, whether I’m ready or not!

In two weeks I do my monthly progress report. This is going to actually happen for September. I’m excited to get there and take pictures and measurements for a change, instead of being scared and ignoring it. 😀


2014-08-18 14.39.25
Stack of boxes, which is already bigger than this!

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