Checking in!

Wow. Been a while. But here I am.

School has started and it’s great. I love being somewhere I can do what I’m good at!

We’re all moved into our new home, and it’s lovely organizing the house together. πŸ™‚ I love Michael so much and can’t wait to see where we’ll be in a couple years. There are a few baby gates in the house/on the deck, which we’re taking down, but Mike’s dad told him not to throw them away lol. His mom said the basement would make a perfect playroom, just needs some toys (and kids). It’ll happen. Not yet. I want to enjoy living in a home with my wonderful boyfriend and really appreciate being with each other. This weekend was be our second weekend with the house, and our first in three weeks that we’re both not working! We have some painting to do at the apartment before we hand the keys over, but that shouldn’t take too much time.

Weight wise… I weighed myself last Tuesday. Down 2 pounds in two weeks. Urg. I know that my hormonal imbalance makes it harder for me to lose weight, but it’s no less discouraging seeing it go so slowly. Maybe it’ll stay gone this time :p Did not get a progress report done for September. Honestly… I don’t even know where my tape measure is!

Hoping to start jogging again now that slo-pitch is done for the season, and get back into weight lifting. It’s been really hard to settle into some kind of pattern, especially getting home at 6ish every day. It seems so late to go to the gym, and makes our dinner so much later. We’ll see what I can do this week. I’m aiming for running 2 days this week and next week, then add in weight training. I’ve decided to start with running because I have noticed that when I’m running, my lungs have an easier time with the weight lifting. So baby steps, but time to start moving again. I might run one day and do Zumba another. I am not fretting too much. Since I’m actually losing weight (FINALLY) I don’t feel the hectic panic to do something RIGHT NOW!

We had people over this weekend. It was rather impromptu. My friend Kelly helped me wash walls, wipe down cupboards, and wash the floors at the apartment so we could be officially out! We had her and her hubby over for dinner, and games. Michael is feeling the games today, has been all day haha. It was weird to cook food for people, then eat it at a dinner table. I should be excited though. I’ve been waiting to have company over for a long time! It doesn’t feel weird to be in the house anymore, it is starting to feel like home. And every night when we’re lying in bed, we talk about the things we’d like to do to the house, little fix ups, like the ugly upstairs bathroom, the front deck that needs replacing, and our very yellow kitchen/living room/dining room! I feel like we fall more in love every day, and it’s awesome. Not gonna lie… my mind has gone to children and weddings lately. I don’t want to be that crazy girl who starts planning things way before it’s time, but it’s hard not to think about it when things are going so incredibly well.

Ok ok. enough mushy feelings from me. I’m going to finish planning my week, then head to bed.


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