Keto – egg fast

So WordPress (and any other blog site) is blocked at my school, which I completely understand, since I’d probably waste a lot of time writing in my blog while I could be doing other things…. but on the other hand, there are lots of teaching blogs that I can’t see while I’m at school. Ah well, c’est la vie.

I’ve been spending significantly less time on the computer at home since A) school started, and I always seem to be busy with other things like emptying boxes, having a bath in my jetted tub :D, or sleeping. I have this nasty “back to school” cold that hit me on Friday, and just doesn’t want to leave. Poor Mike is bearing the brunt of it. and B) right now the computer is in the basement, and I feel so disconnected down there. Once we get our phone line put in where we want it, it will be upstairs, but still far away from the living room and I like being around Mike in the evening now that I’m away for so long every day. Mushy, I know. Yeesh. This man just makes me all mushy all the time :p I love our house, and the fact that it’s ours!

Weight wise, I was down half a pound last week. That’s a lot less than the 2 pounds I was getting off in the first bit, so Saturday I did a MAJOR carb load…. probably more than I should have, and now I’m doing 3-5 days (we’ll see how long I last) of “egg fasting” which you can read about HERE—>

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the very least I will egg fast. I will weigh myself on Wednesday morning to see how it went 🙂 Should had weighed myself after the carb load, but I felt really disgusting, and my tops and pants were tighter and i was visibly bloaty. I think weighing myself might have just thrown me into a binge cycle. So I will wait until then. See how it goes. If it was successful, I will eat Keto Thursday and Friday, then carb load again on Saturday. That will be easy. The Kinsmen have invited the Kinettes to Camp Whitney on their work trip. Going to be lots of carbs there. I bought myself gluten free hamburger buns, and some cookies mmmmmmm.


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