November Progress Report

November 4, 2014

 Progress from July:

Weight: 228.2 (-15.5) SIGNIFICANT DOWNWARD MOTION!      Body Fat: 39.5% (-0.9 )

Waist: 34 (-2.5)    Chest: 37 (-3)   Hips: 50 (-0)

Thighs: R: 28.5 (-1.5)   L: 28.5 (-2)      Biceps: R: 13 (-1)  L: 13 (-1)      Wrists: R: 6.25 (-.25)   L: 6.25 (-.25)

Ankles:  R: 9 (-0)   L: 9 (-0)         Neck: 14 (-1)

So here is a side by side of July when I started eating Keto to today’s weigh in:


And in my phone I found photos from August 5th (which would have been 2 weeks into eating keto) Here are those pictures side by side with today’s weigh in photos. I think my proportions are evening out.


And this is my delightful face this morning because I’m going to start tracking my acne patterns now.


So yesterday I met my new gynecologist…. he basically told me I’m fat and need to lose weight, that I have PCOS, and the secret to losing weight was calories in vs calories out….. Right. I told him that hadn’t been working for me until I started eating extremely low carb. He said that might help, but it’s really about the calorie numbers…. and that’s all. So basically told me I was lying about what I was eating and how much I had been working out.  No talk about potential insulin resistance… how my period has changed in relation to my weight (because they’re totally connected) or ANYTHING. Just gave me prescription for birth control which will “help” ….except it really just makes it seem like you have a normal cycle, you still don’t ovulate, and no metformin. So another slap in the face, this time from a medical professional 8 hours away. It’s like they want to see the fat girl struggle and fail because her body won’t help her. Well I’m done with that. I’ve been doing some reading (I took today off to recuperate from the 16 hours of driving in my 36 hour trip) and there is a natural alternative to metformin (insitol), so I’m going to try to find some at the pharmacy today and start taking those two things together. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue losing weight, and maybe get rid of some of my acne! Because that would be really great, to not have acne at almost 30!

And there we go. Back on track with weigh ins. Keeping on track with food, though I haven’t been tracking things anymore, but it seems to still be working.  So hooray! And fuck yeah! Thank goodness it’s working well enough that I don’t feel the need to return to my previous habits of eating 500-800 calories. That was a scary time. Spin class is going well, and I’m getting at least a short walk with the doggy in every day. I’m sure that’s helping. This week I gained 0.2 buuuut I’m going to blame that on all the junk food I ate on my road trip. Really, anything wheat free was fair game. It’s ok though, we all slip up once in a while. I”m going to have some bacon and eggs to start this week on the right foot.


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