Soooo many carbs….

Whew. Time to start tracking stuff again. I was a little to relaxed with my food intake over the weekend. And not just one day of the weekend. It started with sweet potato fries on Friday with my steak dinner, and then just carried on after that. I had really good intentions of only eating (and drinking) carbs at our party on Saturday evening, but that didn’t really happen. Today I am moderately hung over, not enough water or sleep, and I had a poutine for lunch. Dinner at the hospital was pork with steamed veggies and baby potatoes. It was pretty terrible, but I didn’t have anything prepared from home, and I’d already taken my break to go home at lunch time so I didn’t have any options. Right now I’m eating an apple because A) there are much more carb loaded things here in the vending machines, and this is the lesser of all evils, and B) if I’m going to cheat ALL weekend, I might as well get in some of the healthy foods that I miss.

One of my girlfriends started eating lower carb last week on Wednesday. She’s lost 10 pounds since then… and she was still eating like 50 grams of carbs! I’m incredibly jealous…. fuck you PCOS. Why can’t I just be moderately active, and eat lots of fruits and veggies and lose weight like everyone else? I can’t really complain, since I am finally losing weight (with the exception of this past week…….) but it makes me feel slightly crappy that someone I know can just barely lower her carb count and BOOM! POOF! FAT GONE! 170lbs seems so far away if I think about it too carefully. It’s a good 56 more pounds to go, and probably at least a year. If I continue losing 2 pounds a week (and I account for an estimated gain of 2 pounds this week) I will hit 200 pounds February 19th. Bah. slightly discouraging, but whatever. Slow progress is better than no progress, and even better than a gain! (Does it sound like I’m trying to convince myself of these facts? Well I am šŸ˜› )


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