29.7 pounds down

Whew. I’m moving, and grooving, and things are in place, for the moment.  Though this is all about to change. I weighed myself on Thursday – 225.3 that’s 3 pounds down from last week. But mostly because I’ve been feeling crappy and I haven’t been eating that much.


Alright, now that I have that out of the way, I need to give you a time line to follow.

October 31 – Started getting cramps. Which I had expected, since my last period was only Octoboer 15-18, and often if it’s short, I’ll get a second one later to make up for it. My period in September was 12 days long

November 2 – I drive to Winnipeg to see gynecologist #2. On the drive I eat pretty much whatever I’d like. An ice cream treat, bag of chips, and an energy drink. Not nearly as much junk as I’ve eaten on other trips, but junk nonetheless. Get to Winnipeg and I feel like absolute crap. I chock it up to being nervous for my appointment the next day. I eat an orange and two cucumbers, and some fizzy lemon water my sister prepares for me. She gives me a reiki treatment (click here to read the wikipedia article about Reiki)  to try to calm my nerves.

November 3 – Go see Dr. Don’t eat at breakfast, I still feel kinda garbage-y. Dr. tells me I have PCOS and need to lose weight, yadda yadda. Go on birth control etc. (You can read my previous post regarding this visit here) Went for lunch with my Dad and sister. Had some delicious gluten free pasta with meat sauce and cheese. Ate half of it, took the rest home. Drove the 8 hours back to Flin Flon. Had some popcorn and an energy drink on the drive home. Finished my pasta when I got there. Didn’t feel crappy anymore, just tired from driving all day.

November 4 – took this day off to recover from the long drive, and get my paperwork in to Northern Patient Transportation. Still felt kind of off. Still having cramps,  and no period yet. But whatever. Thought I’d just keep an eye on it. I go for coffee with my friend Kelly, she jokes that I’m probably pregnant. We all have a good laugh about it. I take my first birth control pill, which makes me feel incredibly nauseas. Ew. Better start taking them with lunch.

November 6 – A student throws up in my class. Great. But I’m so grossed out that I have to get my next class to wait in the hall until they come to clean it up. I’m gagging at the thought. I also cried watching a video of an elementary school choir singing some Christmas-y song on YouTube. I figure I’m probably going to get my period soon, since that sometimes makes me emotional. I happen to lose a filling in a terrible beef jerky incident. Teeth definitely gross me out, always have. The thought of them makes me gaggy. *shudder* I hate when students show me their loose teeth. I spend the evening parent-teacher interviews smiling, but feeling sick to my stomach every time my tongue swishes past my sore tooth.

November 8 – We host our Slo-Pitch team windup party. I wasn’t planning to drink because I work the next day at the Hospital, but I end up having a few…. lots of drinks.

November 9 – I feel awful. Hmmmmm. . .  Must just be a hangover. Plus taking my pill doesn’t help. Frig, I forgot how shitty the pill can make you feel for the first bit. I haven’t been on a pill since I was 19

November 10 – Boy do I ever feel crummy. I don’t think I’ve ever had a 2 day hangover…. must be because I’m almost 30. And the pill. Yeah that’s it. I had an apple as a snack hoping it would settle my stomach down. My regular low carb/high fat food doesn’t seem appealing. I also have potatoes with supper.

November 11 – Day off, thank goodness. I sleep in. Make myself some chicken noodle soup and strain out the noodles. Mmmmm. Spend the day cuddling with Michael and the dog on my couch. I go to my kinette meeting in the evening. Have a couple ceasar’s because Clamato always makes me feel better. Which sounded sarcastic, but really wasn’t. Plus the pickles are always awesome.

November 12 – It’s my week to drive. I’m soooooo nauseous all day, I don’t eat my lunch, and I get a bottle of sprite and a bottle of ginger gravol from the gas station before I pick anyone else in the carpool up. I send Hollee a text saying I’m feeling super icky, and I hope it’s not more than the flu, and I’m going to pee on a stick. She says it’s probably a bad flu, there’s one going around right now, and the manor (old folks home) is on quarantine. I get home. Tell Michael, and he tells me to pee on a stick NOW…… I bought 100 for $7 on eBay when I first went off of DepoProvera, to be able to check every week, just to make sure. Then I was told I couldn’t have babies, so they just kinda got shoved in a drawer. Fine. I go upstairs, and pee in a little medicine cup….. two lines (positive). I break out into a cold sweat…. but wait! I remember one of my girlfriends got a false positive with these once, so I throw 3 more sticks into the soup…… still two lines. Wow. A wave of intense nausea hits me, and my ears start to ring. I walk down to the dining room where Mike is eating dinner, and I say “please don’t freak out, but it was positive”. He says “check again” I tell him I checked on 4 of them. He says ok. Let’s just sit on the couch for a moment and relax, then proceeds to force feed me water until I can pee so we can check again. 3 more positives. “it’s pretty faint” he says… I pull out the first 4 (which were super dark). The new ones are just light because I’ve had so much water my hormone levels are diluted. “Look up false positives” he suggests. Yeah. Maybe 1 test could be wrong, but not 7. I also haven’t had any fertility drugs (which contain the same hormone HcG) so there’s nothing in my body that could possibly make the test positive, not even the birth control. I checked that too….. We sit on the couch holding hands and panicking. Neither of us sleep at all that night. We blame the dog (who gives us weird hoo-doo looks and stares while we *ahem*). We blame the girl on our ball team, saying that it’s contagious. We blame his friend’s wife for bringing a baby to our house warming party. We blame Mike’s mom for saying the basement would be the perfect play room, and his dad for insisting we keep all the baby gates that were in the house when we moved in. . . . but really we know, we’re just trying to make sense of it. I called my aunty Gwen to talk to her, because that was a LOT of information to keep in.

November 13 – One more pee stick before work…. apparently it didn’t disappear overnight. Texted Hollee. Whew. So at least there are two people I can talk to.

So it’s official. I am 4 weeks pregnant (based on my calculations from my last period, though I’m hesitant to believe it since it was so short). I have my first pre-natal appointment next week. So, that’s real!

The rest of my days up until today have been similar. Super nauseas, but now that I know the reason I’m trying to at least ingest some food. Bananas are great, Haven’t had them since I stopped eating carbs in July. Mmmmm. And potatoes. And soup. Soup has been a god send! Thinking I’m going to make some Jell-O tonight. Oh and pickles. Which I always want, but now I can eat like 4 giant ones before I’m satisfied, and it’s really just because I’m full and can’t eat anymore. I’ve had ice cream (a small serving) every day since I found out. I swear I’m not going to be one of those women who uses pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever they want and become a behemoth. I will continue to go to spin class on Tuesdays, and will try to start doing some lap swim time during the week, and maybe some aqua fit. Now is not the time to slack on the exercise regime!

So there it is. Sara, if you’re reading this, I hope you can handle all this news!


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