Prenatal number One

I am now (by my calculations) 5 weeks pregnant. Still losing weight, despite eating a tonne of carbs! Good carbs, mostly fruit, I’m craving a LOT of fruit. Weighed in on Thursday morning at 224.8 which it’s down 1.2 pounds from the prior week. I’m sure it’ll all balance out in the end. I’ve eaten a lot of gluten free food this week, which is typically high in carbs, so I’m expecting a gain this week.

I had my first prenatal appointment last week. No real news, partially because I forgot all the questions I had like “can I go in a sauna or hot tub if I’m careful” and “when do I have to stop sleeping on my stomach?”. The appointment itself wasn’t stressful, but like 5 minutes before I got called in, Mike’s mom and grandma walked in….. Had a mild panic attack, his Mom asked me why I was there, I used a little white lie and said I was there for a check up. Then Mike showed up too. Yeesh. Talk about stressful. My 10 week ultrasound is booked for December 23! My dad and sister and her boyfriend are coming for a visit on December 20th, so we’re going to tell then while they’re here visiting. We’re going to tell Mike’s parents on Christmas with an ultrasound picture in a card that says “merry Christmas grandma and grandpa, love Mike, Vanessa and baby Whitbread”. 😀 I can’t wait to see their faces!! I’m thinking of making Mike’s sister and my grandparents similar cards and writing “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS” on the envelope so everyone kind of finds out at the same time. No ideas on how to let everyone else know, if any readers out there have any suggestions that would be awesome 🙂

I’ve been keeping active even though I’m dead tired all….the…..time. Apparently making a baby is a lot of work! I went to spin on Tuesday, and lap swim on Wednesday. Today I got in an extra spin class, and I’ll go to my regular class on Tuesday and hopefully I can get another swim in this week. I’ve also been taking Hudson for a decent walk every couple days which isn’t a lot of exercise but it’s something.

The nausea is getting better, or maybe I’m just getting used to it. Smells are more potent and some I can’t stand to be around, like subway burps. Bleh. I have the beginning of a baby bump, meaning I can no longer suck in my entire tummy. That bottom bit just will not suck in. When I sit down, there’s a little podge that totally makes me look preggo. Thank god I’ve lost a bunch of weight and gave some clothes that will hide it for a while. My bras went from being a bit empty and lumpy, and I could poke them and be left with a dent in, to absolutely full. I looked at maternity bras at Wal-Mart and the biggest cup size they had was a C….. considering I was an E (i think) and am now filling out my F cup bra, I don’t think a C is going to work for me. Guess I’m going to have to order some online. That’s ok, I like having an excuse to shop!

I’ve been looking at pictures of nurseries online, I’m super excited to start that project. I want to start NOW but am holding of in case something happens (my mom had a miscarriage with her first pregnancy) and it’s pretty hard to hide baby furniture haha. I put a few pictures at the end of this post to show you what I’m looking at for the nursery.

I will try to post more often on here now, I think that later it will be nice to look back on my writing and remember this party of my life.

I love the trees with the bird houses on the walls here!
More trees. Pretty sure I'm going with a grey base for the room
I love these colours too, and I could totally do brown tees on a beige background

caption=”Pink for a girl, but not too pink”]image[/caption]

Closet change table and organization. Genius!

This isn't a nursery picture, but it's s great storage idea


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