Today was a difficult day

Whew. Is December every busy. Plus I’m pretty much exhausted every night. I’ve been spinning on Sundays and Tuesdays, but that’s pretty much the extent of any exercise I’ve gotten. I haven’t even taken the dog for a walk, poor Hudson. I’m also REALLY COLD all…the…time. Like so cold my boobs hurt. But on the bright side, the nausea is mostly gone. 🙂

I’m starting to get more hungry, and am definitely going to see a gain on the scale this week. Part of me is still in denial, like is therereallya baby in there? I’m half expecting that I will get to my ultrasound appointment on December 23rd and Sue (the ultrasound tech) will say "silly lady, there’s no baby in there!" and I’ll look foolish. But 9 tests can’t be wrong right? Plus, I’m getting a little bitty bump, and my boobs are HUGE. I bought some more sports bras, but my boobs are popping out of them. Guess They’re just for sleeping in, or for times I double up with something else.

Today has been hard. It would have been my Mom’s 50th birthday. She would have wanted a huge party, and invited everyone she’d ever met. That would be approximately a bajillion people. She was such a social butterfly. I have so many questions for her. All I really know about her pregnancy history is that she miscarried during her first pregnancy, and it was late enough that it looked like an actual baby. Then she had me, and my sister pretty much back to back. So many feels today. Arg. I skipped spin class because sometimes when I exert myself when I’m upset I cry, and I wasn’t in the mood for that.

I am very ready for Christmas break in 3 weeks.


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