Preggo/blonde moment

I was pretty pissed off when I got home and realized I was going to have to do the dishes to cook supper….. I was even more grumpy when I realized the pan I needed was actually clean already. *sigh*

I went to my second prenatal appointment yesterday. I’m really not sure why I have to go every four weeks. She basically told me my blood work was fine and it was too soon to hear a heartbeat. I told her that I’d been taking spin classes, she told me I shouldn’t exercise until I was 12 weeks along…. so basically I should just stop fora few weeks….which is completely contrary to everything I’ve read so far, and what my spin instructor and I discussed, and she happened to have a baby last year. I’ve been listening to myself and not pudding myself too far and honestly, working our still feels great so I’m going to continue. The next time I see my Dr I’ll be 13 weeks anyway. Besides, from what I’ve read, the more in shape you are during your pregnancy, the easier delivery is, and the easier it is to lose the baby weight, and I’d really like to be a yummy mummy, not a frumpy Fran (which is not a dig at anyone named Fran).

Got my kettle bells back last weekend. I’m hoping to add a little bit of toning into my weekly workouts. I’m going to be down to 1 spin class a week soon, and hopefully yoga, so I don’t think adding some light weights will be a big deal.

Still haven’t gained any weight! Even though I’ve been eating a tremendous number of carbs, and fruit, and way more ice cream than I’d normally allow myself. I’m still eating it in moderation, but way more frequently than I normally would. Whatever, it’s working, so I’ll carry on for now. Let’s see how long I can hold onto the same weight for!


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