And sometimes you’re 13 weeks along instead of 10

Well that was an interesting ultrasound appointment! Apparently I’m actually 12 weeks and 5 days along…… so not just barely 10. This changes a lot. My last day of school is June 29, so I will be 9 full months pregnant by that point. Instead of finishing school then having a month to make sure the house is ready, there’s a very real possibility I could go into labour at work….. which I really DO NOT WANT to do. I want to have my baby at the hospital 5 minutes from my house, not an hour and a half away on the highway. Yikes. Maybe I will end up having to tell my employer about this sooner than I had hoped.

But, on the plus side, if I go back to my weigh ins, I’ve technically lost 4 pounds in all, so I’m on the right track to not become a blimp just because I’m pregnant. Also, a sooner due date means I don’t have to wait as long to meet baby!

It was so amazing to see the little hands and the tiny heart beating. I cried a bit, it’s really amazing to think that’s growing inside me right now. We were going to get some pictures so we could give one to Mike’s parents, but the ultrasound technician suggested we wait until the next one, and then they put them all on 1 CD for you and you can see the progression. Plus, we pay $20 for one CD instead of $40 for two. So I googled “12 week ultrasound”and found a picture of a fetus in the same position as mine was today (almost…I had to flip the picture) and this is what I made for Mike’s parents card:


I can’t wait to see the look on their faces! We told my family over the weekend while they were visiting. My sister was overjoyed, as was her boyfriend. Dad said “that’s neat”. . . . But I was prepared for that (it was still disappointing though). Hopefully Mike’s parents are on the same wave length as mine and his sister! But only time will tell.


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