Week 15

I found a really great blog where the lady documented every week, and I think I’d like to start doing that as well. Of course that means I’m going to have to actually start blogging consistently. πŸ˜› So here’s a recap of the last week.

Weight gained: 1 pound up today. Technically, I’ve lost 2.2 pounds since I conceived if I go back in My Fitness Pal to that week. So I’m doing alright, especially for a heavy girl.

Workouts: From Friday to today: 5!! I started off 2015 with a bang! Spin class on Friday, went to the gym and did a short workout on Saturday then swam some laps with a friend, Sunday spin class and I did some arm/back stuff with resistance bands at home, Tuesday Spin class, and Thursday my friend and I did a 25 minute circuit followed by 25 minutes of lap swimming until baby said "enough mum". Tonight, I’m going to try to make it to AquaFit! woohoooo for second trimester energy!
Symptoms: Sore nipples. Not as sore as when I had them pierced, or when I was 8-12 weeks along, but more sore than they normally are. I ordered plastic retainers for my nipple piercings. They’ve been really tender with all the breast changes, and I’m hoping that if I switch to something more flexible, it will ease the discomfort. I really don’t want to lose those puppies, they cost me a fair chunk of change, and I’m sure piercing through scar tissue later would hurt like a son-of-a-bitch!

Food Aversions: The thought of meat still isn’t that appealing. 😦 I’m trying to make sure I have meat with at least one meal during the day, keeping in mind greek yogurt has some, and cottage cheese (which I’m absolutely in love with) has even more with 14grams per half cup, and I have been eating a whole cup every morning. So I’m not too concerned.

Baby Bump: My belly is now more rounded in the front, as opposed to when I was just chubby, and it spread across my front entirely. Now it’s starting to take the tell-tale bump shape! It’s also starting to be much less wobbly than my regular tummy flub. I will start taking bi-weekly photos next week πŸ™‚ I’m also getting a "baby booty", so my butt is actually becoming round instead of the flat shape I normally have.

Food Cravings: Watermelon, and strawberries. They’re not crazy cravings like I NEED TO HAVE THIS IN MY MOUTH RIGHT NOW, but if you brought me a whole watermelon at any given time, I’d probably consume the whole thing.

Sleep: Still waking up at lest 2 times every night. 1:30am, and 3:30am. And if I go to bed early, 11:30pm. and if I sleep in, I get up at 5 (my regular up for work time) to pee. Doesn’t matter when I go to bed, there are at least 2 pee breaks. I’m sleeping much better than I did last week though, thank goodness. I was getting pretty tired of tossing and turning every night, all night
Maternity clothes: So far just my jeans, which I only bought in a maternity style, because I needed new jeans anyway. I bought one maternity t-shirt from Wal-Mart. Their selection hasn’t improved since then either. I also ordered a pair of "teacher pants" from Motherhood Maternity (they make my ass look amazing!), as well as 3 tank tops, and 2 v neck/crossover tops. They all fit marvelously, but show that I have a little belly already, so they’ll have to either be home town clothes, or wait until my employer knows I’m preggo.

Stretch marks: None so far. I bought some Palmer’s oil to try to prevent them. I realize you can’t actually prevent them externally, but I thought I’d try. I’m fairly confident my stretch marks will not be that severe. A) I just lost 30 pounds, so my skin is in the process of "snapping back" B) I’ve been much heavier than I’m going to get with baby (fingers crossed) and didn’t get any stretch marks and C) My own mother didn’t get any from me or my sister!

Miss Anything: WINE. And soft cheese. And being able to stay awake past 11pm. I may have TONNES of energy, but I still need to be in bed at a ridiculously normal hour, even during Christmas holidays when I had nothing to do for the most part.

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: I felt my baby move for the first time ever on Wednesday evening while I was taking a bath!!!!!!! OMG it was so weird. Like a rumble, and then a rolling feeling! Yay! It’s happened a couple more times since then, but not as strong as the first time.

Baby Items Purchased: We bought a change table 3 weeks ago. I bought wallpaper to put up in the nursery, and I ordered a onesie with my slo-pitch team’s logo on it!!! I’ll be sure to post a picture when that comes in.

Looking Forward To: Doing up the nursery, and having a baby bump I can rest a bowl of cereal on. πŸ™‚ And more baby movement (just felt some again right now!!!!)

Alright Week 15, Let’s Do This!!!!!


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