15 weeks… for real this time?

Week 15 – Version 2.0 It seems like every time I see my doctor, my due date changes. Yeesh. I don’t really care, it just sucks to have no idea what to tell people when they ask, and it’s hard to label my blog posts. And if that’s my biggest problem, I am blessed.



Here’s how week 15 14 went

Weight gained: 0.3 pounds, bringing my total weight gain to -2 pounds 🙂

Workouts: less this week 😦 aqua fit didn’t happen on Friday, I was so tired when I got home that I went straight to bed for a 45 minute nap, and then there was the hospital unions “better late than never” Christmas party. Got a good gym workout, and a swim in on Saturday, and spin on Sunday. Didn’t get to go to spin on Tuesday because of my kinette meeting, and no gym Wednesday due to rehearsal for Les Miserable. In fact, I had rehearsal every night this week. My only workouts might be Saturday and Sunday this week.

Symptoms: my nipples are still pretty sore. Not the rest of my breasts, just the nipple. I originally thought it was because of my piercings, but my girlfriend just told me she’s pregnant too (and due 2 days after me!) And her nipples have been super sore too, so it’s not just me.

Food Aversions: these are lessening. Meat is becoming palatable again, thank goodness. But I can’t seem to eat that much. We went for dinner on Thursday night, and I ordered a Salisbury steak with fries and dill pickle soup. I finished the souo first and was pretty much full. I ate a bit of the meat, and most of the fries and had to give up.

Food Cravings: none really. I still want fruit most of the time, andI always seem to be thirsty.

Baby Bump:  getting bigger! Pretty soon I’ll be unable to hide it. Or I’ll get tired of wearing baggy clothes to work all the time. I am still not sure when I want to tell my school/school division. We were kind of hoping for an offer for next year so I would get a maternity leave, but I’m going to be majorly showing long before those come out, and I work on a mismanaged reserve, so if bet any money they wouldn’t offer new a job if they knew, because there’s no money to pay my mat leave, and another teacher while I’m away.

Sleep: not so great. Waking up less to pee, but feeling less rested when I wake up.

Maternity clothes: I boughtt a couple bags of clothes this week, second hand. 2 more pairs of jeans and a bunch of tops.

Stretch marks: nope. But my tummy was pretty itchy these past few days

Miss Anything: my Mom. It hit me really hard tonight, that she’ll never get to meet my baby. All she wanted in life was to buy her grand babies little tiny shoes 😦

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: brain fog had returned somewhat.

Baby Items Purchased: second hand in town, I bought an exersaucer and play mat for $35, and one of our couple friends that had a baby in the summer brought us a car seat, 2 baby tubs, and a swing (and another bag of clothes!)

Looking Forward To:  not having my due date change anymore. Being more visibly pregnant when I leave my house instead of loon like I gained a few pounds (which I legit haven’t)


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