Week 20 – Officially at the halfway mark!!!!!! (picture heavy post)

Wooo hooo!!! Halfway there πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ And apparently I haven’t lost as much of my hourglass shape as I’d originally thought. That and, my hips have gotten wider, so maybe that’s it. hahahah.

20150219_104949_20150220103556241 20150219_105013_20150220103632436

This top, my sister brought me at Christmas time ended up working out quite nicely even though I’m preggo!

2015-02-19 10.50.48

Saturday was Valentine’s Day πŸ™‚ Michael bought me jewellery for the first time ever. Our first Valentine’s Day together, we weren’t really a couple, but it was right when we got back together for the second and final time, he took me to the gym with him for “Bring a friend or loved one for $1” and I was a tad disappointed. Last year, our second V day, he got me flowers, and this year he stepped it up a notch. Plus read that card. Adorable.

2015-02-13 22.25.38 2015-02-13 22.25.45 2015-02-13 22.24.49

Weight gained: 0.5 pounds this week. 7.2 pounds overall. πŸ™‚

Workouts: Getting better. I couldn’t make it to Spin class on Sunday because I picked up a shift at the hospital, however, I did go on Monday, and I took the dogs for a good run on Saturday (they ran, I walked).

Symptoms: I’m starting to move slower, and I seem to ALWAYS be out of breath. My brain is getting mushier. My areola are HUGE now, and not the cutesy pink I’ve been accustomed to my whole life, and my nipples are dark too… almost purple some days? Weird. I’m going to change out my nipple jewellery for the Bioflex bars I bought online, hopefully that will help with the tenderness. I’m a little nervous to do it, but I’m going to have to become comfortable with it if I want to keep the piercings while I’m breast feeding. (NOT at the same time, obviously I’ll have to remove the jewellery for the actual feeding). I’ve gotten a mad case of pregnancy acne this week. 😦 It’s painful, and bumpy and scaly, and gross, and make-up isn’t covering it anymore. It’s not as red in this picture as it tends to get when I’ve gone outside (impossible not to go outside to get to the car etc.) or when I wake up, or blow my nose, or work out.

2015-02-20 11.17.23

Food Aversions: Cottage cheese. 50% of the time

Food Cravings: Cottage cheese… the other 50% of the time. I’m starting to crave carbs less, so I’m starting to think a little more about how many times a day I shovel grains/potatoes into my mouth.

Baby Bump: Definitely moved up a significant amount this week! And still there when I lay down. Don’t mind my ginormous ribs sticking out there.

2015-02-19 10.14.52

Sleep: On and off 😦 Some nights I sleep almost all the way through, and wake up feeling completely refreshed. Other times, I just can’t seem to get to sleep, or stay asleep, and I wake up exhausted. It’s my week to drive next week, so hopefully some extra school days off helps in that department.

Maternity clothes: Pants exclusively, minus my yoga pants and workout pants. I ordered another pair of school pants and a swim suit this week, so I can get back into the pool. It’s super uncomfortable having a swim suit that digs into your baby bump, and the top half of my normal tankini was always a little short, and now doesn’t hold any part of my boobs in anymore haha.

Stretch marks: Nope!

Miss Anything: Wine sometimes. Coffee others. I miss being able to go out whenever I want without getting tired or having to strategically plan my errands around a facility with a washroom halfway. I spent yesterday afternoon running errands, running into friends, and slo-pitch team mates. I also miss having the energy to workout more often than not, and I kind of regret some of the times I had the energy but just didn’t go. Looking forward to getting back into lifting after baby arrives, and I’m cleared for workouts again.

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: Kicks/punches are getting stronger, and IΒ thinkΒ I saw the baby move when I was in the tub on Tuesday evening, but maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. Last night when Michael put his hand on my tummy, baby started to move where his hand was, but it’s too soon for him to feel it, but it was definitely neat!

Baby Items Purchased: A swaddling set for Michael. I’m slowly putting together a “New Daddy survival kit” for him for his first Father’s Day since that’s a month before my due date. I’m planning to include some other baby stuff that I know I’ll probably take for granted, but it will be nice (I’m assuming) for him to have it all in one place right away. I also bought some hooded towels, scratch mitts, and a couple packs of gender neutral onesies. I figure if I build my stash slowly from now on out, I’ll be well prepared when baby comes.

2015-02-13 15.15.24

Looking Forward To: My baby shower! Hollee has started planning, which makes me excited! Looking forward to Mike feeling the baby kicks, and my ultrasound in a week and a half!!!!!!! Oh, and painting and wall papering the nursery!!! We picked paint to go with the wallpaper. I won’t tell you which one it is yet, you’ll have to wait until it’s all done (whenever that is)

2015-02-19 16.53.34 2015-02-19 16.57.16


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