Week 21 – we’re over the hill now!

Yay yay yay yay! I love being pregnant, 95% of the time. The other 5% really aren’t that bad, I’ve had afflictions that lasted a lot longer with worse symptoms. I’m just so happy to be inching closer to meeting baby!

Yesterday as I was leaving school, one of my colleagues said "I heard you’re having a baby!" which I of course answered I was and that we were very excited. Downside? One of my students was there. He’s in grade 1, so I don’t know if he’ll say anything. He’s a very respectful kid, and it’s not like I’m trying to hide it, I just don’t know how to tell the kids. I was hoping to address it when someone asks. Maybe this will be the pebble that starts the ball rolling (is that a real expression??)

Sadly, I also have to add that week 21 will always be remembered as the week I lost my nipple piercings 😦 My bioflex jewellery came in, and I took my metal barbell out, but I couldn’t get the plastic one in. I tried everything, and couldn’t even get the metal one back in. So I took the other out. I know it was a risk, and if they weren’t going to be healed enough to change the jewellery now, they weren’t going to be ready in a few months. I’m sad about it; my boobs look so naked now. But, they also no longer hurt, so that’s a bonus.


I am officially in month 6!

Weight gained: 3.2 pounds this week…. GULP!!! What is that about? I’ve been watching what I eat, and have been very active this week. 😦 Maybe I’ll have to start using My Fitness Pal again just to stay on track. Total gain of 10.4 pounds. Baby… .this is half of what I was hoping to gain the entire pregnancy. You’d better start using some of the energy sitting around you!

Workouts: 4! Yoga on Thursday, Spin on Sunday AND Monday, and tonight I’m going to the gym/pool since my new swimsuit came in the mail this week! I burned 700 calories at BOTH of my spin classes this week (go me!!) and felt like I had enough energy to go to the gym last night, but thought if I pushed myself 3 days in a row, I might regret it. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would totally have gone, but better safe than sorry.

Symptoms: Fatigue. Overly pleasant mood, which is rubbing off on some of my classes. Sure makes life easier when I don’t have to holler at kids all day long. And hungry. Boy am I ever hungry. Probably has something to do with the level of activity I’ve maintained this week.

Food Aversions: none

Food Cravings: Candy. And the pickle cravings have started to creep their way back into my life. Last night I wanted candy and pickles together…. why? No idea. lol

Baby Bump: getting there. I feel like it’s at the point where it looks less like a baby bump and more like chub when I’m wearing clothes. In the nude, totally different story! I love looking at my belly first thing in morning. I think it’s absolutely beautiful. The way it curves, and just sticks out in the front. I’m even starting to appreciate my changing breasts.


Sleep: Up and down. Hudson is afraid of the wind, and Sunday and Monday night it was really windy, so he spent all night trying to climb into my side of the bed for mommy cuddles. Mike left a space on his side of the bed for him, but he always tries to get up on my side first. Last night it wasn’t windy though, and I only woke up twice for pee breaks! I woke up feeling kind of refreshed. I’ve decided that I need 1 day off for every 2 days of work to catch up on sleep. 3 day weekends have been perfect, and the sleep lasts me until Wednesday, and then I’m exhausted again.

Maternity clothes: I bought a "belly band" from Wal-Mart on the weekend so I could keep wearing my regular teacher pants, and extend the life of my maternity teacher pants. They seem to be quite a bit thinner than my other pants, so let’s hope this helps. Spring would be a welcome change right about now too, so I could start wearing leggings and dresses again!

Stretch marks: Nope!

Miss Anything: Ummmmmmmm. I actually don’t miss anything right now. I’m quite content with how things are moving along

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: Baby has been VERY active this week. I am starting to feel the kicks and jabs, and rolls from the outside! Best time to feel them? In the tub 🙂 I don’t know if it’s the sudden change, but when the jets shut off, baby goes nuts! Also….. My face!!!! and not in a good way. I didn’t use my hydrocortisone cream for about a week, and then on Friday/Saturday my face decided it would MAJORLY break out!!!! So Sunday night I started using my cream again and voila. 4 days of cream, look at that.


Baby Items Purchased: None. But I got some patterns for maternity clothing from my cousin. Unfortunately, I don’t have any jersey cotton in my stash…. but I do have a ton of linen! So I’m going to make some ring slings, car seat covers, baby wraps, crib sheets, and nursing covers from linen.

Looking Forward To: 5 more sleeps until our next ultrasound!!!!


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