22 Weeks!

So the news did not spread from the student who overheard my conversation in the hallway last week, but now there’s a little girl in grade 2 who’s started hugging me every music class… and rubbing my belly lol. I haven’t asked her why she’s rubbing my belly, it’s kinda cute.

Michael has also been rubbing my belly more this week. It started with me snuggling up next to him and telling him to rub my belly, and now he’s kind of just been doing it on his own. It’s great! It feels so nice, and it makes me feel like he’s connecting to baby. The other day I told him “you know, baby can hear your voice already, and if you talk to it, it will recognize it once it’s born”. He leaned over to my belly and said “Hey Baby, don’t poop while I’m watching you”. Mike is getting his sense of humour back, which is nice. Though he looked pretty shell shocked when we were leaving our ultrasound appointment on Monday, he assured me he had no look on his face whatsoever. Maybe he was holding back tears? I didn’t cry during the ultrasound, but I teared up looking through the pictures later.
Monday night it was windy, more windy than it has every been since we got Hudson. I’m not even exaggerating when I say every 20 minutes he came up to my face whimpering and putting his face on my pillow. Then he’d try to climb up. Sometimes he was successful, and other times I caught him and told him to get down. Letting him up wouldn’t have been such a big deal,  After a few attempts to get in on my side, he’d go over to Mike’s side of the bed. By 2 am. I’d had enough of this and closed the bedroom door. He started scratching. Now please don’t judge me or think I’m a terrible pet owner. I really do have plenty of sympathy for him, however this was getting ridiculous. So I went down to the couch and pulled out the hide-a-bed. We have a sectional, and the dog has a nice little corner spot all his own, which he curled up on right away. He’s well within arms reach, so it shouldn’t have been a big deal, but noooooooo. So he got up and wiggled his way under my face, which seems cute and cuddly, but really I wanted to punch him!!! I didn’t. But I wanted to. He ended up in front of me so he was facing me, and I was petting his head, telling him everything was alright, I even sang him a friggin lullaby. But NOPE it wasn’t enough. He sat on my pillow and left a butt smell (TMI sorry) and that was enough for me. By now it was 3am, and I still hadn’t slept, and my alarm was going to go off at 5am. So back up to our room I huffed, I told Mike he needed to go downstairs and sleep with the dog because I was done. I don’t know why Hudson always comes to my side of the bed when he’s being a suck. Mike lets him up way more than I do. Anyway, from downstairs, I could hear Mike telling him to lay down, and I didn’t get lots of sleep, but I got a little. Enough to allow me to function, but it’s Wednesday and I still don’t feel like I’ve recovered completely.
I probably won’t recover until next weekend. Trivia night is this Friday, which I’ll be volunteering at from 6pm until probably 1am. I work 12 hour shifts on both Saturday and Sunday 7:30am to 7:30pm, and Sunday is daylight savings time. Sooooo 24 hours of pinterest for me this weekend! haha.
20150304_082404 20150304_082536

Weight gained: -0.5 pounds this week. Total gain: 9.9 pounds

Workouts: Wednesday, I did make it to the gym! But then I was lazy. Sunday I went to spin class, but Monday I was tired so I didn’t go. Yesterday I was exhausted. I had good intentions to go to the gym Tuesday and Thursday this week, but Monday night sucked (see above) and I seem to still be recovering from a 2 hour night of sleep. Next week isn’t looking any better, but hopefully at least I’ll be less tired. At the very least, I’m getting some exercise walking from my end of the school to the end with the bathroom at least 6 times a day.

Symptoms: Gas. Lots and lots of gas. But at least it’s not constipation! And more frequent urination during the day. I always seem to feel “full” in the abdominal area and I’ve been eating less as a result. Not tonnes less, but I don’t seem to need 3 or 4 snacks during the day.

Food Aversions: None

Food Cravings: None. I started tracking food again through My Fitness Pal, and it made me feel hungrier, and when I’d see I had calories left, I didn’t always make a good choice. And when I was out of calories, I wanted to eat even more, and ended up binge eating a few times this week….. sooooo that app is on the back burner for a bit I think. I’m going back to the “eat when I am hungry” plan, and the “try to have something healthy first” before I reach for junk food.

Baby Bump: I thought my bump may have gotten smaller, and I compared last week and this weeks pictures, and it definitely has, or maybe it just moves around. I did have one colleague ask me today in the hallway if I was pregnant, she looked like she was worried I might say no tee hee. She agreed, I probably won’t want to leave my baby in Flin Flon for 12 hours, while I traipse down the highway to go to work.

Sleep: I am waking up less often through the night, or maybe I’m just used to it now.

Maternity clothes: Got a few more items from a girlfriend. Most of it is from 5 years ago when she was pregnant. Apparently this is before they started adding little elastic pieces into the sides of shirts because they all look like tents on me…. I’ll see if I can improve them, and if I can’t, I might re-purpose them into something new! I also got a couple of ponchos from my friend’s mother….. they’re huge and hideous. I googled “repurpose wool poncho” and only came up with results on how to repurpose a sweater or blanket into a poncho, which is pretty much the opposite of what I’m trying to do here.

Stretch marks: None!

Miss Anything: Lifting heavy weights

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: Ummmmmmmm. Baby faces in utero are FREAKY. Mike almost/kind of/he’s not sure felt the baby kick last night. Funny enough, when he put his arm across my belly, baby kicked where it was. No fair baby, you rarely kick where I put my hand!!

Baby Items Purchased: A sleep sack and a onesie that says something about being Daddies favourite for Mike’s Daddy kit.

Looking Forward To: Hearing the little tiny cries of my baby. So far away, but so close! Still pretty excited for Mike to feel baby, though I think it’ll probably be another couple weeks before that happens.

There's my baby all curled up, sucking it's thumb and legs all scrunched up.
There’s my baby all curled up, sucking it’s thumb and legs all scrunched up.
Baby head, and arms
Baby head, and arms
Nice curvy spine and a little baby belly
Nice curvy spine and a little baby belly
Little itty bitty baby foot.
Little itty bitty baby foot.
This is a picture of my baby's heart beating. You can see all 4 chambers of the heart!!! and the valves! We got to see it in action.
This is a picture of my baby’s heart beating. You can see all 4 chambers of the heart!!! and the valves! We got to see it in action.

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