Week 24 (and 23 all in one)

Last week I was just feeling all around crappy. I didn’t work out. I didn’t sleep well. I took my week 23 pictures, but I looked terrible in them. 😦 So I didn’t even post an update. This week has been a lot better so here’s your update!

My phone has been giving me a "Camera Failed" error on and off for 2 weeks now. Last week, it decided to cooperate on Wednesday so I could take my picture. Today not so much. 😦 Which is too bad, because I think my belly looks exceptionally adorable this morning. If it suddenly works in the next few days, I’ll add a picture to this post

Weight gained: I did not weigh myself last week, but my belly grew a LOT in week 23. Between week 23 and week 24 I am up 5.7 pounds, for a total gain of 15.6 pounds. NO BABY!!!! I only wanted to gain 20 pounds for the whole pregnancy, and I’ve still got three months of growth left!!!!! I guess it’s time to get more strict with what I’m eating. I’m not gorging on junk food by any means, but for the last 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve let myself eat ice cream, or candy, or chips. Not in massive quantities, no binge here, but it’s clearly too much.

Workouts: 0 in week 23, unless you count the multiple trips to the washroom. I did walk two blocks to the mall a couple times this week on my lunch break when it was nice out. Week 24 was much better. I went swimming on Thursday, and got to my regular Sunday and Monday spin classes. Spin classes really kicked my ass this week. Both of them. I had to tone it down a LOT. Leaning forward on the spin bikes was incredibly uncomfortable, and any time I tried to get any real speed, my belly hurt a little. I guess I’m at the point where I need to slow down. That’s ok. Sunday spin only goes until March 29th, so I have 2 more classes. After that I will spin once a week and aquafit 1 or 2 times a week. (this is an optimistic projection. My belly is pretty sore/tired by the end of the day)

Symptoms: I can’t breathe! I am pretty sure baby has turned from laying down to head up. There’s an awful lot of kicking/kung fu/dancing going on in my lower belly, and a constant pressure in my stomach/lungs area. As a result, I haven’t really been able to eat very much in one sitting, or in general. Also starting to feel little twinges of pain in my lower belly when I push myself too hard at work, or in a workout. Time to slow down I guess 😦

Food Aversions: none

Food Cravings: Cold!

Baby Bump: I feel like it got big overnight again. Baby has been REALLLLLLY active this week. But luckily, it seems to get sleepy at bedtime, so I’m not kept up by kicking. Fingers crossed that this continues

Sleep: That being said, I’m not sleeping that well. On Sunday night I have a really great sleep. It was windy, and Mike went and slept downstairs on the pull out couch to keep Hudson from bothering me (what a gentleman right?!)

Maternity clothes: Going to need to get some more I think. I only have a few dresses, and those won’t last me a whole work week.

Stretch marks: Nope

Miss Anything: Wine…… and staying up late haha.

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: Mike finally felt the baby kick! It’s getting strong enough now, that his hand doesn’t have to be in the exact right spot to feel it from the outside. OOOOOOOOOOHHHH! And I called the Primary Health Center again, and the midwife is coming back early!!! In May!!!! And I’m on her call back/waiting list!!!! Yehaw 😀

Baby Items Purchased: My Wrapsody Breeze crossed the border yesterday!!!! Ummmmmmmm and I feel like I purchased something else? Ian and Deb gave us a big rubber tote FULL of baby clothes, and a carrier, and a seat, and a stroller base for the car seat, and 24 pocket diapers! This is the most exciting thing we’ve gotten so far, the cloth diapers!!! I think I’m going to buy some flats and covers in addition, just in case they’re easier or I like them better. I also wonder if they’ll be better overnight? I bought some re-useable wipes and some applecheeks spray from a girl in town (never used!!) and she threw in a little sample tub of CJ’s cloth diaper friendly cream. SWEET!


Looking Forward To: having a belly/table to put my snacks on! And looking forward to seeing the little feet/hands moving across my belly 😀


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