Week 26

So here we are. I honestly feel a mad panic to get stuff done right now. 14 weeks does not feel like that far away. Last night I sewed liners for 2 wicker baskets so that I could stuff and fold my diapers and get that all organized in the nursery. It’s slowly coming together!! I bought a shelf for above the change table with a towel rod on it, which will be handy for the hanging bags/pockets I’m going to order to go there.

20150401_095412_20150401103439392[1] 20150401_095426_20150401103248440[1]

Weight gained: 1.4 pounds this week, for a grand total of 21.4 pounds. Thank goodness for a significantly smaller gain this week!

Workouts: 3.5  Wednesday I went to Aquafit, Friday I did a prenatal workout DVD, Monday I ran errands on foot (lots of hills and stairs in Flin Flon!), and went to spin in the evening. I was the only person who came, so it was like a customized class 😀 Lots of standing but no “jumps” which was awesome, my belly hates jumps. I was hoping to make it to Aquafit again on Wednesday this week, but I caught a cold and spent a good chunk of the day/evening feeling lazy and tired, and hacking up my lungs, so another workout didn’t seem like a good idea.

Symptoms: I am so hot all the time. And the swelling has begun.

Food Aversions: none

Food Cravings: none

Baby Bump: Seems to change every day. This week I feel like it’s really small in the morning, but then really big in the evenings. My bump has fully eclipsed my boobs 😀 Here’s my bump first thing in the morning. I think I’m going to run out of belly button soon….


Sleep: Poopy. 😦 Does not help that it was windy last night again (we REALLY need to get new windows…) and as I get more pregnant, Hudson is less satisfied laying beside Mike when he’s scared. This morning I woke up and he was on my pillow, and my head was cradled in his neck. I made a picture in paint to show you. The picture makes it look like there’s more space than there was, but you get the idea.


Maternity clothes: I was super stoked for my dresses to come in, and then it turned crappy out. Like really crappy out. We went from 10 degrees to -16 feeling like -26. I was really looking forward to rocking leggings and dresses when school started up again next week. That’s 4 days away though, so it could totally get nice out again. Tried to wear my yoga pants… that’s not happening. So I guess I need to get some new ones. 😦

Stretch marks:  None yet

Miss Anything: My skin not looking like someone poured hot lava on it! It’s slowly getting better. Oh. So. Slowly.

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: Ummmm. baby has started to move less during the day, and more at night. Not really fun, but noting it anyway.

Baby Items Purchased: Wicker baskets for organizing diapers (will post pictures once that’s all done), a shelf for organizing the change station. . . . 3 different diaper covers.

Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery organized! And starting to pack my hospital bag


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