The cold that would not cease

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I started coughing 😦

Thursday night I had a dizzy spell, and then another on my way to work on Friday morning. I went to the ER (which sounds more drastic than it is. We just don’t always have a walk in doctor available) and the doctor assured me it was just a stubborn cold that wouldn’t let go. She said sometimes when a cold sticks around for a while, it moves into your ears and throws off your balance. She sent me home and wrote me a note to stay off until Tuesday. But I only have one sick day left, then I’ll have to take

Saturday I had a massage. My massage therapist noticed inflammation on my back where my left lung is all gummed up. She did a lot of work to loosen things up for me. She’s also a nurse! She is so incredibly knowledgeable, and she keeps such thorough track of my health, she knows way more about my pregnancy than my obstetrician, and I see her less often! She’s very on board with holistic medicine and healing,  and has just as much faith in my body’s ability to deliver a baby as I do.

It’s Sunday,  and I’m stick hacking my brains out. Michael has been an absolute sweetheart.  Yesterday he brought the Ps3 and our old Tv upstairs and propped me up on a pile of pillows,  then propped up my feet. Today I’m all propped up in bed again, and he brought me breakfast, and orange juice, and made me some tea πŸ™‚ what a doll.


I should probably stay home tomorrow too, since I have no voice and my chest is still rumbling, but I just can’t afford to. I get 5 less sick days here than at a provincial public school, and I never thought it would make a difference, but being a pregnant elementary teacher is rough. Most of my sick days have been used on prenatal appointments 😦 

Only 2 and a half more months of school…. surely I can’t  get sick that many more times.. …… right?


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