Week 28

Tuesday marked the 3 weeks of having the same cold! Uuuuugh. In the morning my one ear was pluggy, and by 9pm it hurt so bad that I was emotional about it. I went to the ER in Flin Flon, and the doctor said "The best thing we can do for baby is to get you better". Wow! I am now on Azithromycin, Prednisone, and Flovent. I gave a sputum (phlegm) sample, and the doctor took one look and said "that’s definitely a bacterial infection" which is awesome because the other two doctors I saw (one of which was my own Obstetrician) just assumed it was viral, and told me I’d just have to suck it up, and it was too bad I’d been sick for a while….. Dr. #1, my obstetrician was after 2 weeks, and my cough had just moved from a dry cough to a "productive" cough. Dr. #2 was in the ER in The Pas, 2.5 weeks into my illness. Finally Dr. #3 a few days later thinks … .hey! Maybe your body will continue to nourish your baby if we fix this! He made a note of my heart rate/blood pressure being elevated when I got there, and recognized it as being attached to my asthma, as opposed to Dr. #2 who figured it was probably because I was nervous (I was more anxious to get out of there before my prep ended than nervous to be in a hospital)

Anyway, so now I’ve been on Zythromycin, Predisone, and Flovent for 2 days. I need to make some adjustments…. like not take the prednisone in the evening, it keeps me awake…. Today, for tablet 3, I’m going to take it at my 2:00 recess break. Yesterday by that point, I was pretty ready for a nap, so I’m hoping the prednisone will give me a little wake up, and that I’ll be able to get to bed, and be asleep before 11…. fingers crossed.

Sick preggo rant over!

In other news, I’m participating in the Vagina Monolougues again this year!!! Last year was super fun! We have one rehearsal on Saturday, then the show next Wednesday….. Oh crap…. I just realized that parent teacher is that night (and the following night)…….. Ummmmmmmmm…….. do I ask for permission to miss parent teacher (parents can’t actually book appointments to see me. They can just walk in, but between two evening and two full day parent teacher times the last 2 rounds…. I saw 3 parents. Literally)

On with updates!!!!



12 more weeks! I can’t wait to meet you baby. And Daddy is getting excited too.

Weight gained: 0.6 pounds this week, for a grand total of 25 pounds in total. However, if you look down at the Baby Bump section, you’ll see that the bump grew considerably this week.

Workouts: 0 real workouts, thanks to my lung infection. I went for a walk on Saturday with Mike, and we got to the top of the stairs across the park, and I felt like I was having an asthma attack (I probably was). This was after stopping halfway to catch my breath. Yesterday I walked to the mall at lunch to pick up my prescriptions. It’s aboult half a km each way, and by the time I got to the mall my belly really hurt. I’m guessing my abdominal muscles are tired from all the coughing.

Symptoms: Ummmmmm………. My hacking cough occasionally leave a little pee behind…. if I’m about to cough a lot, and

Food Aversions: None, though I am getting full rather quickly

Food Cravings: Bananas. I love bananas right now. To the point where I bought a bunch for my cupboard at work, because sometimes the one I bring with me for lunch is just not enough.

Baby Bump: Look at that thing grow!!!!! I don’t really look down at my belly that much, unless I’m in the tub, so when I looked down on Wednesday morning, I was kind of surprised to see it! Silly I know, but wow!


Sleep: Terrible. I don’t wake up feeling like I’m drowning anymore since I’ve started meds, but laying down still irritates my bronchial tubes

Maternity clothes: Leggings are here 🙂 I don’t think I have any more maternity clothes on the way. I’ll probably get a couple more jersey cotton dresses from Wal-Mart when their summer stuff comes in, but I think I’m pretty much set now!

Stretch marks: Two on one side of my belly button, and one on the other. They’re white, so it’s not terrible. I have not been keeping up with my belly oiling routine, as it has been replaced with a vicks vaporub application.

Miss Anything: Sleep. And not having to worry about peeing my pants when I sneeze. Hopefully this is just because I’m sick, and when I’m all cleared up, I’ll have regained full bladder control. So far the loss of control has only occurred during a really strong cough attack.

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: Mike kissed my belly this week for the first time. He’d been at a co-workers watching the hockey game, had a few beer, came home and decided he should talk to baby. It was cute. He looked sad when I told him to go away! Which I only did because it was 11:30… and I get up at 5, and I’ve not been sleeping well with the sickness. He’s been a doll, and slept downstairs again for a few nights this week, which normally would be great, whole bed to myself! But in reality, I was just sad he wasn’t there. I know my coughing has been waking him up, and keeping him from getting the rest he needs, but it’s so nice to feel crappy and know that he’s there. I guess I could have gone downstairs for a cuddle, but that seemed like a lot of extra work.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing? Unless a bucket of primer counts! Time to start thinking about the hospital bag. Oh, I bought some quest bars to put in there. I guess that’s technically baby stuff?

Looking Forward To: Talking to my (hopefully) midwife in a couple weeks!


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