Week 29

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaallelujah. I feel great! I’m typing this at the end of the school day on Monday, and I didn’t even consider putting on a movie to get through the last hour of class 😀 My energy is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up. 😀

Les Mis is in full swing. Only a week and a half left to go… and my own life isn’t any less busy outside of it. Wednesday is Vagina Monologues, which I’m performing in again this year (and parent teacher, which I’m skipping), Thursday is parent teacher night number 2, Friday is my Thirty-One Gifts launch party, and Saturday I’m heading to Thompson for Zones. I will probably be missing many important rehearsals while I’m away but the director will just have to deal with it.



Weight gained: 2.7 pounds this week, hour a grand total of 27.7 pounds. That’s awesome, I really thought I’d gained a LOT more. Whew

Workouts: Do rehearsals count? Maybe if I was standing or moving on stage, but I spend a lot of time sitting. This week is full of rehearsals, and parent teacher, and the Vagina Monologues, so I doubt I will get any workouts in at all.

Symptoms: Soooooooooooooooooo hot at night

Food Aversions: none

Food Cravings: candy

Baby Bump: has reached "WHOA, you’re pregnant!" status. Though I did have someone on the weekend say "I didn’t know you were pregnant until you turned sideways" which is AWESOME!!!!!

Sleep: While my lung infection is cleared up, my asthma isn’t quite in control yet. I don’t wake up coughing anymore…. but now I’m hot ALL. THE. TIME. Mike has just taken to sleeping downstairs when he has to work (he’s still on shift work for another 3 weeks.) I lay in bed wearing nothing, and using just a sheet, and I’m boiling until 1am when I wake up to pull the blankets onto me. I have reached a large enough size that I can’t roll over in my sleep anymore.

Maternity clothes: still rocking them! Actually, my new leggings slide down my belly a bit.

Stretch marks: same 3 just hangin’ out there.

Miss Anything: Not really. Now that the peeing when I cough is gone, I feel pretty great!

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: Nothing that I can think of. I’m soooooooooooooooo tired *ugh*

Baby Items Purchased: I bought more diapers…. oops! I joined a diaper buying co-op and it was like $6 a diaper… and I also ordered a starter pack from another company for $9.

Looking Forward To: Not being the flatulence queen. Michael is also looking forward to it lol.


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