Week 31

Finally getting my lung situation under control. I’m not even going to type out the whole ordeal because it’s very upsetting, but the short version, went to see my Obs. on Friday. Sent for blood work and xRay, told to follow up with family doctor Monday, who said “there’s nothing I can do”, went home, did some research, and proceeded to panic/cry, went to the ER got some help. 7 weeks, 6 doctors. So frustrating.

20150506_052336 20150506_052435

Weight gained: 4.4 pounds this week. Which surprised me because my belly didn’t get a whole bunch bigger. Not nearly the amount it grew last week, and on top of that, I haven’t really even been eating very much at all since I’ve spent most of my time feeling crappy/not being able to breathe.

Workouts: none 😦

Symptoms: SWELLING. One of my carpool “buddies” drives a Prius for our hour and a half commute (each way) and heartburn is starting to set in. The picture below is my feet at 10 am…. that swelling is from sitting scrunched up in the back seat of a Prius for an hour and half with my knees touching the seat in front of me. When I woke up when we got to work, my hands were swollen too. 😦

Inline image 1

Food Aversions:  none

Food Cravings:  COLD water. I want ICE WATER all the time!!!

Baby Bump: HUGE, though I’ve been assured I don’t look that big

Sleep: Terrible, then not too bad. My back hurts a lot right now, not from baby, but from coughing. When I lay down the muscles stretch

Maternity clothes: I would like to wear baggy t shirts and leggings every day. Unfortunately, it’s not proper dress code for school 😦

Stretch marks:  Seems to be a couple more show up every week.

Miss Anything: Sleep. Not being grumpy

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: I can feel the baby up under my lungs, and also way down in my lower uterus… is that normal?

Baby Items Purchased: Nursing pads.

Looking Forward To: Talking to the midwife for real this week! She’s coming back Tuesday, so I’m hoping I get to talk to her this week!!~!! Fingers crossed I can get on with her… and deliver in Flin Flon!


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