Week 32

Slow down time!!! I feel like everything is whizzing by and I’m just a passenger. Whew!! 8 Weeks remain on this bun in the oven. I realize that by the time I post this… it’s pretty much time for my 33 week post, but whatevs. 3-ish more weeks, and I’ll be off work, and have plenty of time to post things on time (I think).

Weight gained: This week I lost 5.8 pounds. That’s right you heard me. I think it’s because we have my asthma under control now, and when the coughing is gone, so is the swelling! Total gain 27.8 pounds

Workouts: No specific workouts, but I have been doing a lot more walking now that I can breathe again. On Thursday evening, Mike and I walked down the hill for ice cream. Here is a picture of said hill.

Our back lane is just past the crest of that hill there.
Our back lane is just past the crest of that hill there. Those little squares above the road in the distance are a crosswalk.
Plus when you make it up mega-hill, you still have to go up our back lane haha.
Plus when you make it up mega-hill, you still have to go up our back lane haha.

Symptoms: Rib pain. Which I really really thought were from coughing, well it’s lingered, and I looked it up, that’s definitely due to my lack of space, and ever expanding baby. Also tirednesss. But a different kind than before. Before it was extreme fatigue, now it’s like I just completed a super intense work-out all the time. By the end of the day, my feet are tired, my belly feels VERY heavy, and I’m moving pretty slowly.

Food Aversions:  none!

Food Cravings:  none! Still want really cold water all the time.

Baby Bump: Growing! This picture shows week 16, 22, 28, and 32 I think


Sleep: I’m not waking up to cough anymore! But now I’m having a hard time falling asleep. I told my doctor that I probably only have a few good weeks left in me. He booked my next appointment for 2 weeks, and said he’d write me a letter then 😀

Maternity clothes: Still want to be naked.

Stretch marks:  I think I’m getting some new ones. *sigh* I guess I will have stretch marks after this.

Miss Anything: Cuddles with Mike. My belly makes it hard to move in bed, so once I’m down, I’m staying put! S

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: I got hit on at a meat draw I was volunteering at. Like hit on HARD. “You’re such a beautiful pregnant woman. I just want to be there when your baby is born” Creepy much??? I wasn’t even wearing anything sexy (see picture below). Might I also add how not pregnant I look from the front? Go me!

My oh so sexy outfit at the social. Totally hit-on-worthy.
My oh so sexy outfit at the social. Totally hit-on-worthy.

Mike came with me to my OBS appointment where we went over my birth plan, because I was worried that I’d have to fight the doctor on it. NOPE! He really only wasn’t completely on board with natural placenta delivery, but he said if I want to be given time to do it on my own, that’s fine 🙂 He also said it was ok for me to have a snack, or juice, or a protein shake during labour. Hallelujah! He was also slightly concerned that I may have gestational diabetes, which would mean he’d like to induce me right at 40 weeks (grumble grumble, I don’t want to be induced) if the baby was “too big”….. but my weight loss this week seems to be the opposite of what to expect when you have gestational diabetes. He’s sending me to see the diabetes team this week so they can determine if I do in fact have it.

Baby Items Purchased: None. My shower is next week, so I’ve held myself back! But Mike has been busy working at the nursery!!!!! He’s got it all mudded and primed, and ready for paint, which we bought on Thursday 😀 Sooooooo excited.


Looking Forward To: Finally being off work. My students have been more *ahem* asshole-ish than normal. They’re usually a lot of work, but now the weather is nice and I’m getting tired of them being soooooo rude! Kids running around my classroom (I’m in a portable) and banging on the windows and doors while I’m teaching. Right now I get home from work absolutely bushed. I lay down, or take a nap when I get home at 6. Wake up, have supper, then go back to bed for the night. My house is a DISASTER and my child isn’t even born yet!!! I’ve heard there’s a burst of energy right before baby comes…. that would be nice! haha.


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