Week 33 and 34

So much busy-ness!!! Whew. Luckily, I’ll be off work shortly, so I’ll have time to breathe (well, I will when this baby drops)
In the last 2 weeks, so much has happened, but my baby brain won’t let me remember the majority of it. I had my first Trade Show with 31 Gifts, I got a massage, ummm… Started hauling stuff home from my school. OH! My baby shower!!!! Mike painted the nursery and put together the crib, I painted the change table (3 of the 4 coats of paint, and now I’ll get to start organizing the nursery!!!!!
Talked to the midwife, last week. I had previously been informed that there would be 2 midwives, and that 1 would be available to travel to Flin Flon for deliveries. . . . apparently that’s incorrect. Driving/riding an hour and a half in the car is unpleasant enough right now, I can’t imagine being in active labour and making the trek. Especially making the drive, then being told I’m not far enough along and being sent home…. Yeah. That doesn’t sound fun. So we’ll revert to Plan A: Stay home as long as possible, and head to the hospital when baby’s delivery is imminent.
6 weeks to go….. I’m terrified. I’m putting on a brave front, but holy shit. I’m having a baby. I will have a child to care for. Plus bills to pay. Plus other adult responsibilities….. What have I gotten myself into? Mike is scared too. He’s putting on a brave face for me, but when we talk about it candidly, I think he’s a lot more scared than I am, which I completely understand. This is 100% uncharted territory, but I’m also 856738% sure that he’ll be great.

Weight gained: 4.9 pounds in week 33 (a nice bounce back from the 5.8 pound loss from week 32), and 1.7 pounds in week 34, for a grand total of 34.4 pounds!

Workouts: LOTS of walking. I’ve taken Hudson for a few walks. One down a quad trail. We might not do that again, since we found a couple tick on Hudson after that. I’m hoping I can get some day time swimming in once I’m off work, since I won’t have to go to bed at 9pm to wake up at 5am anymore!

Symptoms: I can’t roll over or sit up out of bed in less than 3 minutes anymore. 😛 and during week 33 I had excruciating rib pain. I had a massage and that seemed to help a lot. Now I’ve just been pushing baby away from that area when I feel pressure under my ribs. Week 34 brought vaginal pain, and hip discomfort. All perfectly normal, I’ve been assured.  Feet are slightly swollen, but still not nearly as bad as when I my asthma was out of control.

Food Aversions: None

Food Cravings: Ice!!!!

Baby Bump: Sooooooooo present. I knock things over with it, and my students sometimes run into it on their way in or out of my classroom.

Sleep: Terrible. I can only sleep for 2-3 hours at a time, and then I wake up and I have to pee, or am sore/stiff from laying in the same position. But it hurts to roll over in bed. My belly, my ribs, and my vagina all protest. In the morning, Michael has been coming around to my side of the bed to help me up.

Maternity clothes: As you can see above, my belly is testing the limits of maternity wear. Michael has graciously offered to let me wear some of his yoga pants, since none of mine fit.

Stretch marks: 7 or 8 now. They’re still light.

Miss Anything: Rolling over on my own, getting out of the tub by myself. Wine.

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: Hmmmmmm, nothing notable

Baby Items Purchased: Apparently I’m nesting. I went to Wal-Mart to buy toothpaste for my hospital bag…. and came out with a new pad for our change table, a minky cover for the change table, sheets for the bassinet, receiving blankets, water resistant “pads” for the bassinet and change table. I ordered a couple Baltic amber necklaces (through a Co-Op… I couldn’t pass up $5 a piece, compared to the normal $20 a piece). I’m sure there are other things I purchased… but just didn’t keep track of. Oi Vey.

Looking Forward To: Being done work!!! And finishing the nursery 😀


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