Wek 37

Depending on what chart you look at, I’m either 8 or 9 months pregnant. Yeah. I am feeling it. Dropping things at this point, pretty much means they stay there until someone else can pick them up. I’m trying to get out and sociable as much as I can, but it’s getting hard, and I’m starting to get a little grumpy because I can’t seem to get any sleep!!!! But I’m not trying to complain, it’s still been a rather uneventful pregnancy. Baby is head down, and continues to wiggle. I really, really thought that by this point baby would have slowed down a bit. NOPE! Actually it has slowed down a bit, but still doing a LOT of wiggling considering the amount of space that must be in there.



Weight gained: No idea. I’m too afraid step on the scale at home. I’ll see at the doctor’s office on Thursday 😦

Workouts: A few. Getting up out of a chair is proving to be challenging. I went for a long walk with a girlfriend, and hit the pool once. The weekend was super busy

Symptoms: mild contractions are setting in. Not just Braxton Hicks with the tightness in my belly, but actual stabby feeling contractions. They come, stick around for 2 or 3 minutes, then go away. My swelling is getting out of hand though. If I have to be on my feet at all, they’re massive by the evening. I had to buy flip flops in a size 9…. I normally wear a size 7. There’s also a lot of punching of my bladder right now.

Food Aversions:  none. It’s generally hard to eat, because there’s no room in my belly! But every once in a while I become ravenous and eat all the food!!!!

Food Cravings:  ice

Baby Bump: massive! And high. I don’t necessarily want baby out right now, but I wouldn’t mind if it dropped a little!

Sleep: Not happening in any sort of pattern anymore.

Maternity clothes: Still rocking them.

Stretch marks:  quite a few by this point, but some of the ones I got earlier have started to fade already 😀

Miss Anything: Wine. Sleep. Sex where I could mount, and dismount on my own.

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: I was told for the second time (by the same woman, mind you) “OMG you’re huge! That’s going to be a giant baby!” . . . Thanks lady. I’m A) not that big and B) if I was, I’d have self confidence issues. I’m just going to tell  her to cool it if she insists on spouting her opinions again before baby comes into the world.  OH!!! We picked a boy name! Michael really wants to name a boy after my dad. We’re stuck on first names, but we have a couple options picked out. So baby girl will be Elizabeth June Whitbread, and a boy will be either Thomas Isaac Whitbread, or Charles Isaac Whitbread 😀 I feel so much better having an idea in place lol.

Baby Items Purchased: Nadda. Whew. Waiting for baby’s arrival…. and for my EI to kick in. I’ve got like $75 to last me the next couple weeks 😦

Looking Forward To: Baby dropping. Being able to walk up and down stairs in a reasonable amount of time. Fitting into my own shoes


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