3 Weeks post partum!!

So that last post I wrote… I went into labour the very next day! I’m going to type out the whole story eventually, but for now, here’s the basics. 

Being  a mom is awesome and so much more than I would have imagined. Elizabeth is absolutely perfect and beautiful and amazing. She’s been trying to hold her head up her entire life, and she’s been managing to keep it up for a few seconds for about a week now. Her legs are strong enough to push herself away from whatever she’s close to, and she’s starting to experiment with different vocal sounds. Mike and I have figured out the difference between the I’m wet squawk and the feed me cry and most nights she sleeps for 3 or 4 hour stretches with some nights where she’s up and down all night or she wants to be held. We’ve had a few nights where she ends up in bed with us because she needs to be held. It’s frustrating at times but I know she’s not going to stay this little for very long. 

I feel great! Almost ready to get back into some kind of workout routine. The Bikini Body Mommy challenge looks like a good option based on the short workouts but it’s also super challenging and I’m not quite ready for that. I went into the water at the lake for a bit and then hoping maybe I can go for a swim next week. This week I will stick to walking and maybe some light weights. Tomorrow I will weigh myself so I have some idea of what I’m up against. Not that I’m in a hurry , my baby bump is disappearing rather quickly, but I’m a little ancy staying home all day and I really don’t want to be one of those girls who has a baby and lets herself go completely!!!! There will be a weigh in, measurements, and pictures tomorrow. Just a warning; I’ll probably be doing pictures in my underwear again lol. 

Here’s some baby spam of my incredibly perfect angel!



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