Return to eating keto

Today marked day 3 of eating low carb/high fat (keto) and I feel great. I’ve been having this persistent nausea since starting the pill again, and the last few days it has ceased to exist. I had a bit of headache yesterday, but I hadn’t made an effort to drink very much water, and today when I did, that was gone too. According to the scale this morning, I was down 4 pounds. I know that’s glycogen stores, and it’ll likely be up tomorrow, since I had a latté today, and forgot how many carbs were in milk!!! Eeesh. So small lattés from now on. I know low carb isn’t an instant fix, and I need to keep reminding myself that there isn’t a magical cure for baby weight. I’m feeling good, and in general I feel like I look alright, but every once in a while, I catch myself in a store window at a bad angle and think “OH HOLY SHIT I LOOK TERRIBLE”. In about 10 pounds, that feeling goes away. I’m looking forward to it. There are a LOT of windows uptown.

I am now on day 8 and I’ve lost 8 pounds. That’s DOUBLE what I lost in the entire month of September eating healthy, and logging all my food!! Hoorah! And I’ve found a couple groups on Facebook that make it so much easier to keep my willpower 🙂


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