November progress report (4 months post partum)

Weight: 248.8 (-4.8)       Body Fat: 41.1% (-0.9%)

Waist: 38.5 (-0.5)     Chest: 40 (0)    Bust: 45.5 (-2)    Hips: 52 (0)    Neck: 14.5 (-0.5)

Left Thigh: 30.5 (-0.5)      Left Bicep:  14 (0)      Left Wrist: 6.5 (0)    Left Ankle:  9.5 (0)

Pictures are of course available on my progress page. The 4.8 pound loss doesn’t take into account that I crept up to 258 before starting keto again on October 19th. That’s a 10 pound loss in 12 days! My boobs got smaller??? So how do I feel? GREAT! I’m not hungry all the time anymore, and I’m not shoveling carbs into my face hole anymore. And to be honest, other than a couple of cravings for chocolate, there really haven’t been any other cravings to deal with. I miss  chocolate, and chips, and other nasty things (especially popcorn) but I don’t crave it. I’m sad at times that I’m not eating it, but it’s ok. And every time I step on the scale and the number is smaller (or at least the same). I haven’t tried to get any extra workouts in other than Baby and Me fitness class (which is incredibly intense, don’t kid yourself). I don’t feel like I have to push myself to find the time, and honestly, between my noon hour choir, the SAT prep class I’m teaching this month, choral rehearsals for my own choir, and my home business…. I just can’t find the time.

This weekend was Halloween, and I watched Michael eat candy and chips… but I managed not to 🙂 On Sunday I gave myself a “lazy keto” day where I ate things that I was pretty sure wouldn’t push me over my carb limit, but I didn’t plug anything into My Fitness Pal. According to my ketostix this morning I was still in the zone! So hooray! I guess it’s a good alternative to a cheat meal or cheat day. And maybe when I’m fully adapted, I’ll be able to take on more of a lazy keto lifestyle, but for now I need the accountability that tracking gives me.

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing where keto will take me this time. My goal is to get back to the path I was on pre-pregnancy…. and hopefully not end up pregnant this time~! (best NSV ever)


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