Lazy keto….

I’ve been taking the lazy keto approach…. eating what I want as long as I feel like it’s a relatively safe, low carb food. And ya know, for maintenance, I think that would work for me. Unfortunately, I’m not in maintenance mode yet. So long story short, I gained 5 pounds back in a couple days and now I’ve been sitting there for a week and a half. Guess it’s back to tracking everything for now. That’s ok. I know that keto works for me if I just apply it. So back to inputting my food in My Fitness Pal, and I increased my deficit from 8% to 20%. Really, I should be able to survive on 1800 calories a day no problem. Yes, I am breastfeeding, so if I legitimately feel hungry after that, I’ll see if I need more food. I’m also going to watch my nut/seed intake. I ate a LOT of nuts and sunflower seeds “because they’re low carb”. . . . but they’re super high calorie, so back to measuring those puppies. Hopefully I can lose those pesky 5 pounds that decided they loved me so much that they’d return. The sooner the better. Like by the end of the month. It’s such a pain in the ass trying to figure out “how much of that zucchini did I eat in that stir fry??” and sometimes I eat an entire serving of something even if I no longer want it, because I’ve already put it into My Fitness Pal. But enough complaining. This post was intended just to be honest about where I’m at right now. 🙂


So away with you 5 pounds! And take your friends with you on the way out!!!!


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