I’m still here!

Wow. Being a mom is crazy! Pretty much as soon as Elizabeth started teething, she stopped sleeping in. Now we’re up early, and I have so much on my plate that blogging has kind of gotten pushed to the back burner. But it’s 7:30 on a Sunday morning and while I snuck off to the bathroom, Elizabeth (the baby) and Hudson (the dog) took over my entire side of the bed, so what better time to blog.

Well, for starters, I’m still fat! My weight is stubbornly stuck at/around 255, and my pants around a size 18. It’s ok. At least I’m working on it being ok. I know it will get easier but sometimes it’ so discouraging. I’m trying to eat more intuitively, but it’s hard. Right now it’s more about being conscious of what I’m eating, and sometimes realizing that I’m not actually hungry. It’s a work in progress. With a baby I can’t jump into what used to be my all or nothing mentality.  It’s incredibly hard to get to the gym on a regular basis, though I’m trying. I get a good week in, then a bad week, then a good week, so I figure it’s better than nothing. And I do notice small changes the week that I’m “gyming”. Once Elizabeth is mobile, we will spend a lot less time sitting in one spot. And boy are we close! She wants to move!!! It’s her number one frustration in life. It will also be easier to be more active when it’s not so cold out. We’ve actually had quite a mild winter, but it just seems like such a pain in the butt to bundle up the baby and then take the stroller out. Plus it’s icy, and ice + hills + stroller seems like a bad combination. Or I’m making excuses.

Other new things in my life? Well, I got a job at the hospital, so blogging will become more regular lol. I had to resign from my 0.15 teaching job, and I’ll have to end my maternity leave early but it’s for the best at this time. The job at the hospital starts in 3 weeks. It’s 0.8 and the shifts are 4 on/4 off, and it’s ONLY day shifts and 3 of the 4 shifts are only 8 hours! This is going to be a huge adjustment for all of us. Michael’s mom is going to watch Elizabeth during the week until we have a daycare spot. 8 hours is a LOT more than the 2 she normally watches her. And Michael is going to have to parent on his own for the last few hours of my 12 hour shifts and completely alone during all of my weekend shifts. I’m going to try to make is as painless as possible for both of them on weekends, and come home on my breaks to snuggle and feed Elizabeth. But hooray for pension and regular income. And not having to find a summer job, and cross my fingers for something for September, or go back to subbing, then find a summer job next summer. I’m way too old for that game any

What else is new? OH!!! My wheat sensitivity has disappeared! Long story short, I bought some crackers in a very similar box to the gluten free ones I have been buying, then went to buy them a second time, and decided to read the packaging. Low and behold…. WHEAT! I tried a variety of other gluteny delights and nothing happened! 

Anyway, just wanted to poke my head I and say hello! And here are some pictures of my little munchkin. 



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