Fit Girls Guide – Week 1

I am trying something new! I’ve been pretty good at working out, but eating right is my downfall. And now that I’m not so young anymore, I can’t counteract a poor diet (or even just not good enough diet) with workouts alone.

I’ve been following the Fit Girls Guide on Instagram for over a year now, watching hundreds of other women achieve results, and I was so close to signing up last year. Keto had been going really well for me, but I wanted to tone up, not just lose weight. Well, then I got pregnant, and looking at it now, i totally could have followed the plan but I just wasn’t ready myself. Well now I am.

I’m four days in, and what has happened? Well, knowing what I’m going to eat ahead of time has pretty much eliminated the bad habit I had of snacking while I cook. I’m pretty sure I ate an entire extra meal while making supper on more than one occasion. The plan includes chocolate, so while I haven’t completely cut out sugar, I’ve seriously reduced the amount of sugar I’m eating. I’m also learning to eat food not cooked in a sea of butter, and ya know what? I forgot how much I actually enjoy the taste of veggies!

So far I haven’t lost any weight, but I am noticing small changes throughout my body, especially my waist. I didn’t take measurements at all, but I did take pictures for the beginning. After day 28 I will post my results.

If you want to see my photo stream, I have a separate Instagram account. It’s flinflon_fitgirl 🙂 Come cheer me on!!


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