Fit Girls Guide – in the home stretch

Almost through week 4. I have confessions to make. Not excuses, but confessions. A couple weeks ago, my Kinette club did a murder mystery dinner party. During that week, my eating went south slightly. Not eat-a-whole-pint-of-ice-cream-and-a-whole-pizza south as it has in previous, just not exactly on track with my meal plan. Also that week, I had been so busy that I didn’t work out at all…… Fast forward to this week. It’s week 4. I have yet to pick the exercise portion back up, but my eating has been 90% on track. And here come the excuses:

  1. a) I went back to work, ending my maternity leave early at 9 months 😦 Work is stressful, and it’s 4 on 4 off, so in theory I should have lots of time to workout on days off….. except Elizabeth doesn’t go to daycare on days I don’t work (so I don’t have to pay for those days)….. and sometimes she needs lots of attention and cuddles
    1. b) I am so exhausted when I get home from work, especially days that i work 12 hours. And while I don’t have to cook supper on those days, getting home at 7:30 means that Elizabeth is overdue for some quality time with mommy. By the time I am done de-compressing and ready to do anything, it’s 9pm, and it’s time to wind Elizabeth down for bed.
      1. c) My 4 on, 4 off has turned into 6 on, 2 off (because we need the money). Sooooo tired
  2. Elizabeth has been mega teething, and this week caught a nasty cold, so she needs mummy, and the boob.
  3. Shark week . . . . . which comes every 2 to 3 weeks for me. Damn you hormones. I am sooooo incredibly bloated, and fighting the urge to put EVERYTHING in my mouth (except that…. breastfeeding has killed that urge).

So overall, I feel like my body has started to change. Once it’s nice out, I’d like to start walking again, but this ice is too dangerous for me to take the stroller (or our crazy dog for that matter) and maybe when it’s really nice out, I can start running again in my yearly attempt to complete the couch to 5k program. Elizabeth started crawling this week, so there will be a lot more movement at home with baby. 😀

What specifically has changed so far physically? Well, my belly is smaller at the top still, that’s good, and my face has slimmed a little (or it might be my new flattering haircut). I have a little less muffin top in my non-stretchy jeans, and I’m having an easier time identifying when I’m actually hungry, and when I’m satiated as well! Cravings are fewer and further between, and mostly only hit me during the lead up to shark week.

Stay tuned for a full overview of Round 1 of the 28 day Jumpstart (if I remember…. no promises).


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