Fit Girls Guide – Round Two

Today is Day 1 of Round 2. Did I take my measurements for my results from round 1? Nope. Did I weigh myself this morning? Nope. Did I make a meal plan for the week? YES!!!! Like a boss! Did I take my before photos for round 2? Absolutely 😀 I tossed one of my old swim suits on and took some pictures. Here are my results from Round 1.








This round, I’m hoping to be a LOT more active. It’s getting nice out, and the snow has pretty much disappeared in the past couple of days, so it’s time to get walking again 😀 My extra weight, plus the stroller should give me a nice sweat session. I’ve started walking to work more often, and taking a walk during my break time, and I think my Dad might have some kind of fitness tracker for me when he comes to visit in a few days. He said his phone wasn’t a smart phone and he couldn’t use it.

Below, feast your eyes on my early morning round 2 pictures. Here’s the deal with this swim suit. 3 years ago, Michael and I went to a wedding in Calgary. We had a great time! And it was our first trip out of town together. I didn’t really have a swim suit, so I figured I’d just buy one when we got there. While I have never loved the suit, I have at least felt comfortable in it. I’ve only actually worn it swimming a couple of times because I had a slightly more flattering suit that I purchased at the same time. But, since I donated the bikini I used to use for progress pictures (from back in my disordered eating days)




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