Fit Girls Guide – Round Two (for realz this time)

So I’m pretty bad at blogging. I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’re following me. Life is crazy. Babies just fill your time. And when she’s sleeping I have so many things to do…. or I just lay there and watch her sleep.

So here’s what’s new. I’ve been using Thrive ( <— go here if you want to know what that is) since May 4th. So almost 2 months. My skin is clearing up and my energy levels are increasing! I’ve been getting up at 6:30 for a month now, and two weeks ago I started running again in those wee hours. It’s so hard to find time to workout other than that. In the evening, E is tired, and a bit cranky, and needs a lot of snuggles and hands on loving, which is fine ๐Ÿ™‚ and I’d rather be with her if she needs me.

Today begins the next group challenge for Fit Girls Guide. You can follow me on instagram @flinflon_fitgirl if you’d like to see what I’m up to (literally!)

What am I doing differently this time? Well I have my best workout time nailed down, so I’m waking up early and getting that done, with the exception of the mornings I work at 7:30, since I’d have to be up at like 5:30 just in case E also wakes up, so I have time to get her back to sleep. I’m less obsessively meal planning than the first time. More intuitive eating, or mindful eating as I am calling it. Mostly that means making better choices and not stressing about the less than perfect choices I make along the way. Yes I probably will have ice cream once or twice a week, but I can choose to have a small serving instead! I am making a conscious effort to choose vegetables more often, and trying to make both dinner side dishes veggie based. With slo-pitch, and 12 hour shifts, and working on weekends, and not getting a whole lot of time off at the moment, I need flexibility more than a rigid meal plan. I have been eating better and working out for months now, but the scale isn’t moving. My ankles have gotten more slender lol, but that’s pretty much it. Through my reading of motherhood related materials, I have discovered that some women’s bodies hold fat while they are breastfeeding. So for the next year or so I will remain fat. My face is less puffy, and my mommy belly doesn’t jump out over my yoga pants anymore (that was awkward)

What else am I up to? Hmmmmm. Well baby E turned 1 last week, and has decided that crawling on her knees is ok. She’s pulling herself up to standing more and more often, and making decisions and forming opinions more and more these days.

My Dad moved up here a few weeks ago! So E gets to spend time with him often. And it’s adorable. The way she smiles when she sees him, and the way his face softens โค


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